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Unique Animals That Start With E

Animals That Start With E - When you are told to mention the name of animals that live in the wild, how many animals can you tell? Do you know that some of the animals that live in the wild are rare animals and many of them are named with the letter E. Are you curious? However, before we know the animals from the letters E, should we also have to know about beautiful animals that start with P. Well be calm, because here we will learn together about the animals with letter E, along with the facts and uniqueness of each animal. For further understanding, please consider the following explanation.

List of Unique Animals That Start With E


Animals That Start With E is Echinoderm
Echinoderm is a name given to a group of thorn-skinned animals of all kinds having a habitat at sea and beach. Animals included in this class are sea stars, fur urchins, and sea cucumber. Echinoderms are known to be closely related to the phylum of the chordata in which the subfilum of the vertebrates is encompassed.

Echinoderms generally have a radial symmetry body shape, and some are in particular pentaradial symmetry (divided into 5 parts), for example the Star of Sea and Sea Snake Star. Echinoderms generally have no head and body layer is a tripo-blastic animal that is a layer of the body consists of 3 layers. The animal body frame consists of limestone plates that form fine spikes in the epidermal layer. Echinoderms phylum moves by using an ambulacral leg (vascular leg).


Animals That Start With E - Eagle
Eagle is one of the many bird species found in Indonesia. The eagle has characteristics with a large, sturdy, strong body, a strong tap head and a strong beak which is also owned by a hawk. Eagle is the bird that has the largest body among other birds of prey. Eagles are very fond of building their dwellings in trees that have altitude, or on the edge of the cliff. Eagle is bent with a large size and no teeth on its beak. They belong to predator with hot blood that multiply by way of laying egg (oviparous). The eagle is one of the birds that is a meat eater or carnivore.


Earwig - animals beginning with E
And the third from the list of animals that start with E is Earwigs. Earwig can be found throughout America and Eurasia. Earwigs are members of the Dermaptera order insects. They can be found in narrow gaps in forests, fields and gardens. some Species have been found and lived in caves. most of them are nocturnal who likes to live at night. Earwigs are mostly scavengers, but some are omnivores or predators. Earwig has a flexible and muscular stomach. It is able to maneuver as well as open and close the forceps used for various purposes such as to withstand prey. Male earwigs have more curved forceps than females.


Echidna - animals start with letter E
Echidnas are solitary mammals covered with coarse hair and thorns. They resemble South American ants and other thorny mammals like porcupines. They are usually black or brown, have a long, slender muzzle that functions both as the mouth and nose. They have short and strong legs with large claws, and are great mammals in digging. Echidnas’ ears are on the sides of their heads that are usually invisible because they are covered by their thorns. Their food consists of mostly of ants and termites.

Echidnas dislike extreme temperatures. Usually they usually take shelter from extreme weather in caves and rock slits. Echidnas are found in the forest. They sometimes also hide in animal holes such as rabbits and wombats. As a great swimmer, Echidnas love to be around the water, and when swimming they swim open their muzzles and some of their thorns. When they feel threatened, they will bury themselves or if exposed, they will curl into balls. Thorns in their bodies play a role to protect from the predator.


Eel - animals beginning with letter E
Eels have unique habitat characteristics, being able to adapt in fresh and marine waters. The eyelid is cylindrical; its head is oval and has a pointy, pointed tail. The maximum body length of this fish varies about 15 - 200 cm and can weigh up to 22 kilograms depending on the species. Their body is very flexible and coated with a kind of mucus that serves as a self-defense mechanism of natural predators.

These fish include nocturnal fish belonging to carnivorous fish species. They eat small fishes and other aquatic animals smaller than their mouth holes like worms, shellfish, and mollusks. There are 18 species of eel in the world, including 12 species spread over the tropics, 7 species in the Western Pacific and Indonesian waters.


Eland - animals start with letter E
Eland (Taurotragus oryx) is the largest deer in the world that has bent and twisted horns. Eland is a member of the same group as the Holy Antelope, Flame Antelope and Antelope Bushbuck. Eland can be found in pastures, mountains, sub-deserts, and savannahs. They are herbivorous animals that eat leaves and shrubs, and grasses. They use their horns to carry branches of a trees or plants into their territory. Eland also consumes gnarled roots. The giant Eland is the largest species of antelope, with body lengths ranging from 220-290 cm.


Elephant - Animals That Start With E
And the seventh from the list of animals that start with E is Elephant. Elephant is the largest land mammal known for its ivory and long trunk. There are 2 species of elephant in the world that is Asian Elephant or Indian Elephant (Elephas maximus) and African Elephant (Loxodonta aricana). Asian elephants are different from African elephants. Asian elephants have fewer ears than African elephants, have flat foreheads, and are higher than Asian elephants.

In addition, the Asian elephant's end trunk has only one lip, while the African elephant has two lips at the end of the trunk. Both male and female of African elephants have ivory while only Asian male elephants have ivory that is clearly visible. Elephants belong to the category of herbivores. These animals spend 16 hours a day collecting food. The food consists of at least 50% grass, in addition to leaves, twigs, roots, and a few fruits, seeds and flowers.


Elk - animals beginning with E
Elk becomes the largest species and one of the largest wild mammals in East Asia. It is a type of ruminant that has four stomach regions, and eats grass, plants, leaves and bark. During the summer, the elks will eat almost constantly, consuming between 4 and 7 kilograms of vegetation each day. When winter comes, their body is covered with a thick coat to protect from the cold.

In early summer, heavy winter coats are removed by rubbing on the trees and other objects to help remove hair from their bodies. Elk has bodies of different colors based on season and habitat types. Generally they are gray in winter and colored more reddish and darker in summer. Like other types of deer, Elks inhabit forests and savannas. In mountainous areas, they often stay in higher places in the summer, migrating down the slopes for winter. This elk also inhabits the semi-desert region of North America.


Emu - animals start with letter E
The Emu bird is a bird resembling a Kausari bird that inhabits forests and grasslands on the Australian mainland. This bird is a type of herbivore that feed on grains, fruits, flowers, and young shoots that grow in the Australian area. They are willing to travel long distances to find food. Emu birds are birds that cannot fly, but they are very tough in running. The speed of Emu can reach 50 km / hour. In addition to running, Emu is also capable of swimming and it is called a great swimmer. Emu birds are the second largest bird in the world after the ostrich with weight an average of 45 kg and they have brown fur.


Ermine - Animals That Start With E
The last name of the animals that start with E is a bit beautiful, right? Well, ermine is a mammal of the Mustela genus of the Mustelidae family originating from Eurasia and North America. They are similar to weasels seen from posture, and movement. But the tail of ermine is relatively longer, measuring over one-third of the body's length. Ermine has round eyes, black and protruding slightly. Its mustache is brown or white, and very long. The ears are short and round and extend almost flat to the skull. Each leg has five toes.

During the winter their feathers are very thick and smooth. While in the summer their feathers are rougher, shorter and sparse. In summer, the fur is brown in the back and the head and white underneath. Like the smallest weasel, rats become the favorite food of ermine. In Russia, its prey includes rodents such as ordinary hamsters, pika, and others, which are seeded in their burrows. Other types of prey include small birds, fish, and bushes and, more rarely are amphibians, lizards, and insects. Ermine is an opportunistic predator which moves quickly and examines any burrows or food gaps. Due to its larger size, males cannot catch prey to the tunnel compared to females. They can also climb trees to get bird's nests.

What do you think of the explanation about the animals that start with E above? Do you want to make one of them as your pet at home? You cannot do that because they mostly belong to endangered animals and predator. Let’s just take care of them by not hunting them and help to keep their ecosystem.

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