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Pictures of Animals That Start With F + Fact and Pictures

Animals That Start With F - Learning about the animal is very fun, There are many secrets about animals that we do not know yet. Previously we have explained some of the animals that start with J. Well now we will learn about some famous animals that started the letter with F. There is a wide variety of animals start with F. Some names like fox or fish are common and you have already learned from them as a child. The following are the list of animals with letter F that you should know. Learn interesting facts, imagine the description and read information below:

List of Pictures and Facts Animals That Start With The Letter F

1. Falcon

Animals That Start With F - Falcon
The first animal from the list animals that start with F is Falcon. Falcon is the fastest bird in the world. Even when pitted, the falcon can fly faster than the eagle. Falcon is almost the same as the eagle. But they are not the same as coming from a different family. Falcon can be found all over the continent except the Antarctic continent.

Falcons live in a variety of habitats, such as deserts, grasslands, tidal land, arctic tundra, to tropical forests. Falcon birds have short, stocky body characteristics, and pointed wings. It has short beak, strong and long toes, and sharp paws. Falcon’s food is very diverse, including snakes, lizards, small mammals, large insects, and other birds that became its favorite food such as Pigeons, Parrot, Starling, and chicks.

2. Ferret

Animals That Start With F - Ferret
And a second animal from the list of Animals that start with the letter F is Ferret. Ferret or Mustela furo is a mammal that has feathers usually brown, black, white or a mixture of all three. The average length of his body is 51 cm, including a tail about 13 cm long. Its weight is about 0.7-2 kg and has a lifetime of 7-10 years.  Ferret is a meat-eating animal or carnivore that likes to eat other animals of smaller size such as mice, rabbits and guinea pigs. Male ferrets are larger in size than females. Ferret includes crepuscular animals who like to spend 14-16 hours to sleep and will return active at the dawn and dusk. Ferret populations spread to various parts of the world and then form colonies especially in areas that have no predatory threats such as in the Shetland Islands region.

3. Fin Whale

Animals That Start With F - Fin Whale
The fin whale is a big sea- mammal that belongs to the suborder of whales. Fin whale is the second largest mammal on Earth after the blue whale. In the northern hemisphere, the average size of females and adult female fins is about 18.5 and 20 meters, with an average weight of 38.5 and 50.5 tons. While in the Southern Hemisphere the length ranges from 20.5 and 22 m with a weight of 52.5 and 63 tons.

Fin whales are brown to dark or light gray and white. The left side of the head is dark gray, while the right side shows a complex contrast pattern and dark markings. Fin whales are found in all the world's major oceans and in waters ranging from poles to tropical. Their food consists of small fish, squid, and crustaceans.

4. Flamingo

Animals That Start With F - Flamingo
Flamingo is one among many beautiful birds. They are easily recognizable because of their habit of standing on one leg. With their necks and long legs, they look very attractive when flying. The beautiful flamingo fur colors come from their food containing beta carotene, such as algae and shrimp.

Flamingo birds consist of six species. Two of them are in West India, Africa, Southern Europe and the Middle East. Other spesies are found in the Andes Mountains, the Caribbean Sea, and parts of South America. Flamingo likes to be in shallow water, mangrove forests, lagoons or sandy areas. Flamingo’s body can reach until more than 1 Meter. Their  flight speeds reach 37 mph or equivalent to 60 km per hour. They flew in groups by flapping their wings almost non-stop that makes them look so unique and pretty in the air.

5. Flounder

Animals That Start With Letter F - Flounder
The flounder fish resembles a flat and circular ball, with the fins spinning around. This fish is usually brown, but can get a variety of colors, like red, orange, green, and blue. The flounder fish likes to hide a lot of time on the seabed while waiting for its prey, and once its prey passes it will soon catch and swallow it.

The distribution of this fish is Ocean Pacific from South Africa to Autralia and Japan. People who see this fish may doubt if it is cooked. But, this fish belongs to commercial fish that is quite popular in the market. It tastes very delicious. No wonder if the price is quite expensive. In Indonesia, one kilogram of this fish is valued at approximately IDR 30.000.

6. Fly

Fly is Animal That Start With F
Fly is the main carriers of the disease and can infest any type of building that is found in almost all parts of the world except Antarctica. They are interested in all kinds of food, including human food, pet food, food disposal, and even dirt. Adult fly has a length of 5-8 mm. The chest cavity is gray with 4 narrow lines and has yellow belly. Fly is covered with a small hair that serves as a tasting organ. The spesies of flies are various kinds of familiar insects such as houseflies, fruit flies,  mosquitoes, black-flies.

7. Flying Fish

Animals Begining with F - Flying Fish
source: Pinterest
Flying fish is a type of fish that has wings and can fly across the ocean. Fying fish is able to slide out of the water surface and float in the air. Its body is rounded elongated like a cigar, and the lower part of his body has a shiny color. This flying fish is a family of marine fish composed of about 50 species grouped in 7 to 9 generations.

Flying fish are found in all major oceans, especially in tropical and subtropical waters in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans. The main characteristic of the most prominent is the large pectoral fin that allows his body to fly up to 400m distance. Flying fish are also found in Indonesian waters such as the Makassar Strait, Sunda Strait, and so on.

8. Fox

Fox is Animal That Start With F
Fox is a small mammals that eat everything or usually is calles as a carnivorous animal which eats small mammals such as rats and rabbits. When it’s found no rabbits and rats, the fox can survive for several months by eating plants like grass or fruit. Fox is a smart little animal that likes burry the food in the soil, snow, leaves, grass and others, after which he marks it with urine when the food has not finished yet.

 Fox has a unique brownish fur and can warm the body when winter arrives. The fur can adapt easily to climate conditions so that when the climate changes, the fox will not be disturbed.

9. Frigatebird

Animal Start with Letter F - Frigatebird
One of the most interesting seabirds is the frigate / birds frigate. The name "frigate bird" comes from the name of frigate, a kind of sailboat that is also widely used by pirates in the voyage. The naming of "frigate" is based on the habit of robbing & seizing food from other sea birds.

The frigate looks like a black pelican bird with physical features of a long, hooked beak, elongated wings, & short legs with webbed feet. Among the 5 species of frigate birds, there is one of the most popular types called magnificent frigate bird, the largest and most popular species of frigate. One of the most striking features of the greatest frigate is its plump chest. His chest was actually a bag of throats that could be inflated by air filled. stud has a red throat bag, the female has a white throat bag.

In the breeding season, the male will swell the pouch of his throat to attract the attention of the female. Frigates also live in seaside areas. The preferred habitats of frigates are high places such as steep cliffs or on trees. Frigates can be found in the tropical regions of the western & eastern coasts of the Americas.

10. Frogmouth

Frogmouth - Animals That Start With Name F
The last list of animals with letter F we are going to learn is Frogmouth. It is kind of bird which has a very wide beak like frog. This beak is used to catch insects on the forest floor Unlike parrots, frogmouth birds prefer to be inside the forest rather than catching insects in open areas.
In Indonesia there are two species of frog bird. The first species is Javan Frogmouth. This bird is easily recognizable by size 25 cm and has a large head colored like a tree bark. The male is grayish, while the female is reddish-brown with large heads and coarse hair resemble a ring around the beak. This bird is nocturnal.

Long-Tailed Frogmouth (Batrachostomus cornutus) is the second species commonly found in Indonesia. It has medium-sized beak, 23 cm. The color of the fur is quite diverse, ranging from dull black, white, slightly brown, to reddish. The iris of this bird is yellow, while the upper half is dark brown and the bottom is greenish.
Frogmouth birds are often found in the forest areas or forest edges as in the Borneo.

Well, that’s the name of Animals That Start With F. They are very cute and adorable, right? Their presence is widely spread from various parts of the world, ranging from the tropics, to the cold temperate regions. Each has its own uniqueness that makes them more attractive and interesting. Its existence should not be hunted so that its population can survive.

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