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10 Famous Animals That Start With H

Animals That Start With H - Learning about animals proves to have many benefits for the development of children. Children's concern for animals will be in line with their empathy in humans. Through interaction with animals, children will learn about emotions and social skills. That's why animals are widely used in the therapy of children with special needs. In this world, there are many animals ranging from pet to wild animals living in the wild. After the previous Animalition have been discussing of Special Animals That Start With W. And now, we will learn about the animals again, that is the animals with letter H.

10 Famous Animals That Start With Letter H


Hamster - Animals That Start With H
Hamster is one of the small animals that enter in the type of rodents such as rats, rabbits, mammoths, and so forth. Hamsters are not the native of Indonesia, but are from Europe to Siberia. The hamster has characteristics with a small, fat body, short tail, and has a lower body that is white or gray depending on its type. It has thick fur and each species is not the same color. Hamster size ranges from 10 - 15 centimeters to small, and 10 - 18 centimeters for large hamsters. In Indonesia, these small animals are sold and used as pets at home because of its cute and adorable look.


Hare - Animals Start With Letter H
Hare is an animal name similar to a rabbit because it comes from the same clan. However, both have differences. Hares have a large body and longer legs, and two long ears with black marks on his ears. The most significant differences can be seen when both are born. Rabbits are born in a state of helplessness, without hair and blindness. While hares are born in hairy conditions, can see and can move.

Compared with rabbits, hares prefer hard foods, such as fruit skins, and the tip of twigs. Rabbits live underground for shelter during the day. While the hares live on sheltered ground in bushes and prepare to escape from predatory attacks. Hares are animals that like to live aloof. They only meet to breed and then live aloof again.


Harrier - Animals Beginning With H
The harrier is one of a kind small dog that likes to hunt animals like rabbits. The harrier has a beautiful figure with its white and brown fur. The harrier has an average body size of 7 inches to 1 foot, weighing between 40-60 pounds. It has an age range of up to 12 years. Its eyes are dark and very sensitive to the situation around him. The harrier has long and dropped ears. Their legs have a thick reply that makes them able to run far. Harrier is a dog that is active and happy to be around the human so that this dog is much used as pets.


Hartebeest - Animals That Start With H
The hartebeest is an African antelope, also known as kongoni. The high of hartebeest when standing can reach more than 1 m, and with a typical head and body 200 to 250 cm. Its weight ranges from 100 to 200 kg. This animal has a very elongated forehead and strange shaped horns, short neck, and pointed ears. Its legs, which often have black marks are very long. Hartebeest has a horn can reach a length of 45-70 cm. It inhabits dry savannah, open plains and wooded meadows, also often move to a more arid place after rainfall. They are more tolerant of forested areas than other Alcelaphini, and are often found on the edge of the forest.


Hawk - Animals Start With Letter H
Hawk is one of the warm-blooded animals that has wings and a body covered with midrib. As a bird, the hawk breeds by spawn and has a hard shell in the nest it makes functioning to protect their baby. The hawk is kind of a predator animals which dominates in the sky . Hawk eats small mammals such as rats, squirrels, lizards, fish and chickens. The eagle's beak is not toothed but curved and strong to tear the flesh from its prey. This bird also has a pair of strong legs and sharp nails and curved to grip the prey. And the hawk also has a sharp sighting power. The sharpness of the power of vision is very useful in hunting prey from an unbearable distance which may far from the hawk flies.


Hedgehog - Animals Beginning With H
Hedgehogs are small insectivorous mammals that can be found all over the world. The hedgehog has stiff nails and sharp thorns on the tube. Their small body is brown and white which make them look so pretty and cute. When they are disturbed, they will curl up and form like a spiny ball. They usually sleep during the day and look for prey at night. This hedgehog does hibernation when winter arrives. As known before, this small mammals like to eat some small insects.


Heron - Animals That Start With H
Heron birds can be said as a kind of crane that is usually encountered in Indonesia with its main food in the form of fish. This bird can be found in the area of Asian, Sudan, Senegal and some eastern of Africa. Currently the population of heron birds began to decrease which makes it belong to rare animals. Heron has a rather long beak and a gray feather that stretches wide.

The heron bird is known as an ingenious bird because of its ingenuity in searching for prey in the form of fish. When hunting, the heron birds will look for hot spots exposed to the sun. Then in that place the heron will stand up to the statue while opening its wings wide. Next the fish will come to shelter under the heron birds and that's the time when in a flash the fish that swim under the heron birds directly in attack. In Japan, the heron has another uniqueness in catching the fish where this bird usually pour the bread in the water as if it feeds the fishes and attract them to come on surface. Then, at once the heron will catch them to eat.


Horse - Animals Start With Letter H
Horse is a kind of large mammals whose existence is found in many parts of the world. Horses have brown body, and some other species exist that have white bodies. The horse has a height of 160-200 cm weighing more than 500 kilograms. But there are some horses that have a height of less than 100 cm, namely a mini horse that’s usually called as a pony horse. This small pony horse is usually kept as a pet horse and not as a workhorse. Horse’s food is a grass that grows around the ground and often the horse eats fresh grass. Horse is a mammal that is widely used by humans to carry goods, ridden, and even included in the horse racing arena.


Hummingbird - Animals Beginning With H
Hummingbirds are the smallest bird species in the world known today. There are over 325 species of hummingbirds in the world. It has a beautiful fur color on the part of the hummingbird's throat due to the arrangement of feathers, the influence of light, moisture and several other factors. Hummingbirds can not walk or jump, although their feet can be used to shift when it is perched on a branch.

Hummingbirds are migratory birds and wander with great distances just to lay their eggs. There are at least 16 species of hummingbirds breeding in the United States. One of the most recognizable hummingbird is the hummingbird species that live in the United States commonly called the Ruby-throated hummingbird. The length of Ruby-throated hummingbird is about three inches and has a feather around the red neck.

The smallest species of bird is the hummingbird (Bee Hummingbird). Given such a name because of its size that almost matches the bees. The largest type of hummingbirds is called a gigantic hummingbird (Giant Hummingbird) which is 8 inches taller than an usual hummingbird. Hummingbird age reaches 3 to 4 years. The main food is sweet pollen and they use their long tongue to lick the nectar in the flowers. In addition to nectar they also usually eat small insects.


Hyena - Animals That Start With H
Now, we get to the last of animals that start with H. Hyena or Hyaena is an animal of the Hyaenida family, a suborder of carnivores. Though small, hyenas are the dominant species of carnivorous animals in Africa. Hyena can stand with two hind legs like a bear. Hyena chooses to live in savannas, pastures, forests, and sub deserts. Hyenas make nests in high places that are interconnected with underground tunnels. Such a nest system will help protect against intruders. Hyenas are considered as scavengers (eating leftovers) and carnivores, and it aslo belongs to a predator. The flexibility in food choices increases the likelihood of survival of these animals.

Hyenas are mammals that are active at night (nocturnal) and choose to live in groups so as to facilitate the hunting and protect themselves. On average, spotted hyenas can live for 20-25 years in the wild. But in the captivity, the age of hyena can reach 40 years. On the other hand, the stripped - hyena survives for about 12 years in the wild.

Well, those are the list of animals that start with H that should you know. After learning the descriptions of animals, hopefully you can distinguish which the wild animals and which can be used as a pet animal at home.

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