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10 Most Popular Animals That Start With J

Animals That Start With J - Learning about funny animal does provide many benefits. Besides being fun, learning about the animals in the world also gives us new insights. There are different types of animals in the world. This article will let you learn about some of the leading animal starting with the letter J. Whether on land, water or air, J animals shows amazing skills. Finding food or just avoiding risk, these animals apply different methods; slide, race, hop, or dive. No matter what trick, these J animals have a great way to complete the work and here are the list of animal with letter J:

10 Most Popular Animals That Start With J with Pictures and Facts

1. Jabiru

Jabiru - Animals That Start With J
The first order from list of animals that start with J is Jabiru. Jabiru is a type of heron that has a native habitat in the rain forest of  Central to South America, except the western Andes Mountains. Jabiru has a body height of up to 1.5 meters with a wingspan reaching a length of up to 2.1 meters. Its black beak can reach a length of 30 cm. This bird has clear white fur. Jabiru likes to live in wet places such as near rivers or swamps. he also likes to prey on small animals. The characteristic of adult Jabiru is a neck that bubbled black and slightly red at the bottom.

2. Jacana

Jacana - Animals That Start With J
And the second order from list of animals beginning with J is Jacana, Jacana is a tropical bird species that is a member of the Jacanidae family. This bird can be found in all the tropical regions of the world. Jacana has large feet and claws that allow them to walk on water plants floating on the lake. They are also nicknamed as the lily explorer because of his ability to walk on the flower. The female size is bigger than males.

The uniqueness of Jacana is couple–exchanges by females. When the females have spawn, they will go looking for another couple. The male is the one that will take care of the eggs, incubate, supervise, and keep from the threat of predators. The length of his body is up to 25 cm and red rust. Meanwhile, their food is insects and animals on the surface of the lake.

3. Jackal

Jackal - Animals That Start With J
Jackal is a four-legged animal that has a body overgrown with feathers. It includes carnivorous animals. The jackal has a body shape similar to wolves and dogs. Even it is also dubbed the 'New African Wolves'. At first the jackals are grouped into sub species of Egyptian jungle dogs and golden jungle dogs. But it turns out the jackal is not only found in Egypt, but also in other areas. The diversity of jackal species spread across countries. Golden jackal is more common in the Middle East, the more stripped-jacked side live in Central Africa. While in Ethiopia there are many types of Simien jackal. Meanwhile, the black-backed jackal is considered the oldest member in the Canidea family to be found in South Africa.

4. JaguarJ

Jaguar - animal names that start with j
Jaguar is a member of three big cats including lions and tigers. Jaguar is also the biggest cat found in the Americas and inhabits rainforest, swamps, meadows, and deciduous forests. It is a carnivorous animal that hunt deer, monkeys, cows, and various types of reptiles. Jaguar has a weight that is between 50-100 kilograms Adult jaguar length ranges from 1.5 to 1.8 meters with a height of 60-75 cm. Jaguar is a solitary animal (aloof life) and can live up to 12 years. In captivity, jaguar can live between 20-23 years. Different from other types of cats, jaguar just likes to swim and often live near the water. The population is currently under threat. The number continues to decline due to the increasingly narrow habitat and their lack of food supplies. In addition, Jaguar is a symbol of the gods for the Maya. And they are the strongest wild cats in the America.

5. Jaguarundi

Jaguarundi - animal species that start with j
Jaguarundi (Puma yogouaroundi) is a wild cat from the family Felidae originating from Central America and South America. Jaguarundi has a small body, a long tail and short legs. The color of the fur is gray to reddish plain. Its length ranges from 50 to 77 centimeters with a height of about 25-35 cm. Their body weight is 2 - 9 pounds with tail length reaches 61 cm. This jaguarundi can survive up to 15 years in the wild. Jaguarundi likes to eat small animals such as mice, reptiles also bird species. They enjoy living in damp, covered land, grasslands and forest areas up to a height of 3200 from sea level. The population of jaguarundi spread from Southern Texas to the lowlands of Scotland, then Mexico and throughout Central America.

6. Jellyfish

Jellyfish - animal starting with alphabet j
Jellyfish is water animals that has transparent bodies such as gel, has tentacles or tendrils, and has can with varying degrees depending on the type. It belongs to sea animals that swim freely which looks like bells and shaped jellies. Their body moves in a pulsating way. Jellyfish tentacles can sting and are used to catch his prey. The body of the jellyfish is soft because it does not have a shell that is vulnerable and easily damaged. Their body is often colorful, but behind its beauty they keep a very dangerous poison. Generally jellyfish lives in the coastal areas around the world and it can survive by exploring the oceans up to 500 - 700 years. That’s why this little animal is dubbed as an immortal animal. Jellyfish needs water to keep them alive or it will die if it is kept out of the water for a while.

7. Jerboa

Jerboa - animal name starting with alphabet j
Jerboa is a mammal that resembles a small kangaroo. Its body was yellowish brown, with pointed ears, button-like eyes, and a long mustache. The front legs are short, while the long hind legs are strong and used for walking. Jerboa lives in the desert and dry areas of Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. They belong to groups of animals such as rats and squirrels. In winter, they will hibernate like squirrels. These animals live in groups in the tunnel or burrow. At night they will go out to look for something to eat like grains, plants, and insects.

8. Junco

Junko - animal beginning with j
Junco is a small bird from mainland North America. Its natural habitat is coniferous or mixed forest areas throughout North America that is extending from subarctic Taiga to highland mountain ranges in Mexico and Central America to Panama. This bird likes to stay on the ground. In winter, they often look for food especially insects and seeds. They usually nest in the locations hidden in the ground or hide in bushes or trees.

The most common Junco species are the Dark-Eyed Junco which also includes members of the small grayish American sparrow genus. These birds are commonly found in most temperate North America and in summer. Adult Junco generally has a gray head, neck, and breast, a gray or brown back and wings, and a white belly, with a pretty confusing feather variation. The males tend to have darker and more prominent marks than females. The Dark-Eyed Junco has a body that is around 13 to 17.5 cm in length with a wingspan of 18 to 25 cm.

9. Javan Rhinoceros

Javan Rhinoceros - Animal That Start With Letter J
Javan Rhinoceros or commonly referred to as a small-horned rhino (Rhinoceros Sondaicus) is a member of the Rhinocerotidae family. Although called "Javan rhinoceros", this animal is not limited to live only on Java island, but throughout Indonesia, Southeast Asia, India and China. The existence of Javan Rhinoceros is currently endangered with only a few populations found in the wild and there is no Javan Rhinoceros in the zoo. Their body can be more than 3.1-3.2 m in length with a height of 1.4 to 1.7 m, and a body weight between 900 and 2,300 kilograms.

Javan rhinoceros has one horn which is the smallest horn of all species of rhinoceros. They use his horn to move the mud in the puddle, to pull the plant, and pave the way through thick vegetation. They have long lips that help them take the food. Javan rhinoceros has a slightly furry, gray or gray-brown skin covering their shoulders, back and buttocks. Their skin has a natural mosaic pattern that causes them to have a shield. Javan Rhinoceros are herbivorous and eat a variety of plants, especially buds, twigs, young leaves and fallen fruits.

10. Japanese Macaque

Japanese Macaque - cool animal names that start with j
It is the last of 10 animals that start with J that we will learn. The Japanese macaque (Macaca fuscata) is the world's oldest monkey species that is a native of Japan. They are also named "snow monkey" because their habitat is in a snow-area for months every year or live in a colder climate. Japanese macaque have brown gray feathers, red faces, and short tails. Male snow macaques have an average weight of 11.3 kg, while females averaged 8.4 kg. The average height of the male Japanese macaque is 570.1 mm and the female is 522.8 mm.

This macaque has pink face with a body covered by brown hair or grayish. Their mantle can adjust the climate and can cope with temperatures as low as -20 ° C. Many species of Japanese macaques are found on three of Japan's four main islands: Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu. They live in a variety of habitats in subtropical forests in the southern low-land and subarctic forests in the northern mountains.

It turns out in this world there are many animals whose populations are still wide and those that are endangered. Therefore, as an educated human being we outght to take care of the natural ecosystem and not hunt for endangered animals. Hopefully, the information about 10 Most Popular Animals That Start With J above is useful for us.

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