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10 Beautifull Animals That Start With P

Animals That Start With P - What will you tell when you are asked to describe one of animals with a certain letter? Perhaps most of you will describe about the animal that you have ever seen on TV or the zoo. Actually, there are many animals started with letter P that live in the wild and not all people know their existence. As on the previous blurb we already discuss the 10 famous animals that start with H. Thus, in this chance we are going to learn about the animals with letter P.

10 List of Animals That Start With Letter P


Animals That Start With P - Parrot
Parrots are birds of about 393 species found in most tropical and subtropical regions. They inhabit the temperate regions of the southern hemisphere, too. South America and Australasia are regions that have the greatest diversity of parrots. Parrots have beautifully colored fur, and some are multicolored. Most parrots eat seeds, beans, fruit, buds, and other plants. Some species sometimes eat animals and carcasses. Sometimes they also take the intake of nutrients from the nectar of flowers and soft fruits.

Parrots can be found in all continents and tropical and subtropical regions including Australia and Oceania, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Central America, South America, and Africa. As a bird that can imitate sounds, parrots are commonly known as smart birds. And because of this intelligence, its existence is often hunted by humans to be traded and used as a pet bird at home. To sustain the population, parrots are now in the list of protected animals.


Paca - Animals That Start With Letter P
Paca is a mammal from South America that emigrated to North America after the Great American Interchange occurred 3 million years ago. Pacas are about 50-77 cm in lenghth with a short tail 13-23 cm which is almost invisible. While the weight is 6-14 kg. Paca is the sixth largest rodent in the world scattered in the lowland region of southern Mexico to northern Argentina. Its head is square with small ears, and its body is patterned with spots and stripes. They have four toes on their front legs and five on their hind legs with little nails.

Pacas live in rainforests, cloud forest, and sometimes more open habitats. Pacas prefer to be around the waters and they are animals that are good at swimming. When under threat, they will dive up to 15 minutes. They include mammals that are passive during the day and eat in the morning and evening. They eat leaves, buds, flowers, mushrooms, and insects.


Paddlefish - Animals Letter P
Paddlefish or American Paddlefish (Polyodon spatula) is the largest freshwater fish that still exists today. Their weight can reach 27 kg and the length can reach 1, 52 m. They are named ‘Paddlefish’ because it has a snout on its paddle-like nose that is about a third of the total length of its body. This muzzle is better known as rostrum used to detect prey. Its muzzle is also to dig the food or to pull it out from the crops. The main food of American paddlefish is zooplankton. They eat by opening their mouths wide while swimming so it will scoop up all the zooplankton.

The paddlefish is native to the Mississippi River, a quietly settled northern North America. Therefore, Paddlefish is also called by the name of Mississippi Paddlefish or Spoonbill. American paddlefish has only one other species in its family namely Chinese paddlefish (Psephurus gladius) found in the Yang Tze River of China. The existence of these two species is equally threatened so that the US and Chinese governments issue a ban on catching paddlefish.


Pademelon - Animals Start With P
Pademelon is a small marsupial of the Thylogale genus that naturally occurs in thick bushes or dense forest. Pademelons have a body structure similar to wallabies and kangaroos. But all three have different body sizes. Pademelons have smaller body sizes with their wallets and shorter, thicker, and less hairy tails. Like a wallaby, they walk by jumping. Several species of pademelons are scattered throughout Australia and beyond, including the coastal areas of Queensland and New South Wales. They are marsupials that also make tunnels through grasses and long bushes in swamp country.


Panda - Animals That Start With P
Panda (Ailuropoda Melanoleuca) is a bear species found in the mountains of central and western China that are currently considered to be the rarest and endangered species primarily due to habitat loss. Pandas are different from other bears because they are not hibernal. They have large heads, short tails and a long snout with big noses, which makes them have excellent sense of smell. Panda’s thick fur is creamy white, with large black spots on the limbs, shoulders, ears and nose, and dark around their peculiar little eyes.

Panda also has a large jaw with muscles as well as a strong flat molar to allow the panda to destroying bamboo and leaf stems. Pandas are solitary animals or aloof living that occupies an area marked by secretions of odor glands and scratch marks on trees. Giant male panda has an area twice as wide as that of a female panda. As we know, Panda really likes to eat bamboo.


Panther - Animals Beginning With Letter P
Panther is a black leopard though it has a distinct black hair. People often think of panthers as different tiger species. But in fact, the panther is a species and is only a variant of the leopard (Panthera pardus). Since it is the same species, a panther with black leopard-beetle can perform marriages that produce spotted and sometimes black-colored children.

The panther's behavior is similar to a leopard. It's just that the Black Panther’s fur looks all black that turns black due to melanistic pigment as a form of adaptation of dense and dark forest habitat. Panthers are a carnivorous animal that prey deer, long-tailed monkey, wild boar, mouse deer, hedgehog, and black monkey. They live solitary with territory between 5-25 km2 and can survive until the age of 23 years.


Peacock - Animals Beginning With Letter P
The seventh from a list of animals that start with P which I think is the most beautiful is Peacocks. Peacock is one of the most beautiful birds in the world that has beautiful feathers. Peacocks hunt in the woods. This group of animals is found in mainland India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bhutan. But now it is almost extinct. Peacocks can only be seen in wildlife sanctuaries or nature reserves, such as green peacock, blue peacock, and Congo peacock.

Indeed, peacock’s feathers have many functions and one of its functions is to protect it from enemy attacks. When there is an enemy, the peacock will open its feathers appearing spheres resemble eyeballs. At that time, the enemy will feel dealing with hundreds of peacock eyes. In fact, only one bird faced by the enemy. This eyeball phenomenon occurs because of the ability of small hairs that reflect light. The light reflected by the hair turns into a long wave consisting of several colors. Then, it forms a small, eye-like sphere. Only male peacocks are fond of splitting their tail feathers. The male peacock's tail will open wide during the breeding season to attract the attention of the opposite sex. The female peacock has a smaller body size than the male peacock.


Penguin - Animals With Letter P
Penguins are a species of bird that cannot fly, from the family Spheniscidae, there are 17 species penguins and almost all breed in the southern hemisphere. The penguin bone structure is different from the normally flying bird. Penguins have a much heavier and stronger frame so they cannot fly. They mostly have the upper part of the body black and the bottom is white.

Penguins have water-proof feathers and are interconnected, thus providing a very effective barrier against water. When penguins are on land their feathers stand upright so that they can guess the warm air layers that are very useful to provide cold air insulation. In addition penguins have thick fat deposits under the skin to keep their body’s temperature.


Pheasant - Animals That Start With P
Pheasant is the common name of the bird group of the family of Phasianidae ordo Galliformes, including the birds of Kuau and others. Each species of pheasant has uniqueness with a motif on beautiful and varied fur. The color of the male species is brighter and rich in color and has a larger and longer tail. Male size is generally larger than female. Pheasants generally eat whole grains and eat some insects. There are 35 species of pheasants of 11 genera. The most commonly known is spread throughout the world. Some species are very popular as pets, such as Golden Pheasant.


Pika - Animals That Start With P
And the last one off the list of animals that start with P whose name we ever hear and see in the anime movie "Pikachu" (Pika). Pika is a small mammal that is a cousin of a rabbit. Pika is a small rodent animal that looks similar to a rabbit. However, pika cannot run like a rabbit but only move by jumping lazily to move everywhere. Its body and ears are short with a body length of only 15 cm, and no tail. Its weight is about 140 grams and lives in Asia include Siberia, Mongolia, the northeastern regions of China, Japan and the western part of the United States.

Pika inhabits the steep mountains up to 5000 meters. Pika is a type of herbivore that likes to eat plants,  also like to collect bark or pieces of wood for meal during the heavy snow season. Pika is not actually a mammal that is afraid of winter because this species can also be found in the Himalaya Mountains.

All the animals that start with P described above are very cute aand have their own uniqueness. We have to be grateful for being able to learn about them. Again, we are not allowed to hunt them so that their population will not decrease.

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