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List Of Special Animals That Start With W

Animals That Start With W - Talking about the types of animals is very fun. They have many variations that are scattered in different parts of the world. In the previous article we have explained various kinds of animals that start with F, Usually after learning about animals, our moods become better. It feels like we want to keep them at home, right? Well, on this occasion let's get acquainted with 10 animals that start with the letter W.

10 List Of Animals That Start With Letter W : Pictures and Facts


Wallaby - animals That Start with W
The first list of 10 animal that with W is Wallaby. Wallaby is a member of the most widely found kangaroo species in Australia and the surrounding islands. Species of wallabies vary and they are grouped according to their respective habitats. Wallabies are marsupials. Baby wallabies were born small and weak so they soon crawl into their mother's pockets to keep growing after birth and they usually stay in the pockets for several months. Wallabies have strong hind legs that they use to bond together at high speed and long distance jumps. These mammals include herbivores that love plants to eat. The average life span of wallabies in the wild is 9 years. Body size ranges from 30-104 cm, with a tail length of 25-74 cm, and weight 2-24 kg.


Walleye - animals That Start with letter W
Walleye is a freshwater fish commonly found in most of Canada and North America.
Most of Walleye's body colors are olive and gold. Walleye’s mouth is large with lots of sharp teeth. Walleye has a body measuring about 80 cm, and weighs up to about 9 kilograms. In general, females grow larger than males. Walleye can live for decades and that ever recorded is 29 years. Walleye is considered a good freshwater fish so many people are fishing this fish to eat.


Walrus - animals That Start with W
Walrus is a marine mammal that lives in the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean. Both male and female, they have two long white ivory. The length of ivory is about 40 cm and can continue to grow until it weighs more than 3 pounds. Their skin is wrinkled with a thick layer of fat that serves to keep their bodies warm despite being in a very cold area. Walrus is a mammal that has no earlobes. When on the land  they can walk with their four fins and while in the water walrus swim by moving the front and rear fins.

Walrus males and females use tusks to lift themselves onto the ice and dig ice for seashells with the aid of his mustache. Walrus eats clams, mussels, krill, crabs, worms, snails, octopus and fish. Walrus's body length ranges from 2.7 to 3.56 m with Walrus's body weight ranging from 800 to 1,700 kg. These marine mammals can live up to 20-30 years.


Warthog - animal beginning with letter w
Warthog is a kind of lively wild pig that has very strong canine teeth. Warthog populations are commonly found in Africa, precisely in grasslands as well as on the edge of lush forest & desert with a maximum altitude of 3,500 m. Warthog fangs consist of a pair of fangs in the upper jaw & a pair of fangs in the lower jaw. The warthog's upper fangs are larger, but the lower canines are sharper. a male warthog can grow up to 1.5 m long & weighing 150 kg, while females have smaller body size. Warthog eats various types of food such as grass, plant roots, bark of young trees, berries, animal carcasses, and even other animal feces. Warthog actively searched for lunch during the day & rested in the burrow at night.


Wasp - animals That Start with W
Wasp is a recognizable flying insect because it is known to sting when it is disturbed and its color is striking on some species. It has a pair of compound eyes on its head, the eye composed of a smaller eye lenses. Wasps also have 3 oselus at the top of his head. Oselus is not used for viewing, but rather to detect the intensity of light around them so they can know when to start and end their activities. Wasps also have a pair of mandibles that can be used for various activities such as clamping objects, removing wood fibers, and even to kill other insects. Another part of the head of a wasp is a pair of booked antennas to detect chemical stimuli. Wasps have a sting on the end of their abdomen. Only the female wasp has a sting, while the male does not have a sting. The actual wasp sting is a kind of channel connected to a gland can. Wasps use his sting to paralyze their victims and defend themselves. Wasps are unique insects. They breed by entrusting their eggs to other insects.


Weasel - animal beginning with letter w
Weasel is a mammal of the Mustela genus of the Mustelidae family. Members of this genus are small and active predators, with long, slender bodies and short legs. Weasel has a body measuring between 173 and 217 mm. The females have smaller bodies than males, and usually have red and brown top feathers and a white belly. They have long, slender bodies. Weasels feed on small mammals and they on the other hand eat a lot of mice. Weasel can be found all over the world except Antarctica, Australia.


Whippet - animals That Start with letter W
Whippet is a medium size dog. They are scout dogs from England. They have a running speed of 45 miles per hour (72 km / h) so they are widely used as a racing dog. Whippets are medium-sized dogs weighing 15 to 42 pounds 0r 6.8 to 19.1 kg. Whippets are a very moving and active dog. They will immediately run after the moving objects around them. Whippet is a dog that has a keen sense of smell and vision and can help humans track the whereabouts of something. This dog has a small, slender body that allows it to run fast while in the race.


Wildebeest - animal that start with w
Wildebeest is a hoofed mammal which is also referred to as Gnu. Wildebeest is still a family with goats and cows. There are three species of wildebeest that are black wildebeest, striped -wildebeest, and blue-wildebeest. In the East African region, wildebeest is the largest animal with the most populations. The height of wildebeest is 1.27 - 1.47 m with weight between 120 - 170 kilogram. They live in plains and open forests in the African region. Wildebeest is an animal that likes to migrate in certain seasons. The factors that affect their migration are food availability, climate, and the presence of predators such as lions, tigers, leopards, and hyenas. Wildebeest usually breed at the end of the rainy season when they have found the right couple.


Wolf - animal beginning with letter w
Wolves are large carnivores and as the largest members of the dog. it is a predator that many feared by other forest animals. Wolves are wild boars which have hunting instincts, attack and are very fierce and cannot be used as pets. The run-speed of a wolf run is 65 km / h when chasing its prey. The most common species encountered are gray wolves or can be familiar with various titles such as Gray Wolf.  But there are also red wolf species that has body size is smaller than the gray wolf.

Gray wolf has a body length ranging from 1.2 to 2 meters and weighs between 18 to 80 kilograms. Wolves are found in North America, Europe, Asia and North Africa. They tend to live in remote forests. However, the red wolf prefers to live in swamps, grasslands in coastal and forest areas.


Wolverine - animals That Start with letter W
Wolverine (Gulo Gulo) is one of the North American mammals that still have relatives with badger, ferret, and other members of Mustelid or weasel family. Wolverine is the largest and rarest land member of this family. The habitat of wolverine is the alpine of the Arctic and subcrictical of Alaska and Canada, as well as the Cascade and Rocky Mountains. Wolverine is a scavenger that feeds on the carcass of a deer or a caribou left by a wolf or a human, or who dies of natural causes. They also eat small mammals, such as rats, squirrels, and snowshoe rabbits, and birds.

Wolverine is easily recognizable by the sight of his short-muzzled head, his body covered with thick dark brown hair, & his short legs. The thick fur protects the wolverine from the cold weather of its cold habitat, while the short, strong legs allow the wolverine to move swiftly over the snow. Wolverine can move hopping up to reach speeds of 48 km / h when chasing prey. To paralyze big prey, wolverine will bite the front of the neck & damage the neck muscles and the throat stalks of its prey.

That's just a few reviews of 10 Animals That Start With W. Almost all of the animals we discussed were wild animals. After learning about them, we should take wise action by conserving nature so that the animals have not lost their habitat.

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