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List of Beautiful Animals That Start With M

When you are asked to mention 10 names of animals that start with M, Likewise animals that start with L, we’re sure not all of you can do this. All we know so far is just the name of animals which are very familiar with our life and we often see them surrounding our environment. But, have you ever seen an animal which a spiral horn likes in a fairy tale? It’s not just an imagination, but such this animal really exists in this world. They are so funny and beautiful. So if you are really curious about them, let’s learn together about the animals with letter M.

List of Animals That Start With M : Pictures and Facts


Animals That Start With M - Mayfly
The first list of animals beginning with letter M is Mayfly. Mayfly is a type of insect from the Ephemeroptera. These insects are classified into the group Palaeoptera, the primitive insects that include the dragonfly, and the needle dragonfly. The lifespan of an adult mayfly is various, ranging from 30 minutes to 1 day depending on the species. The wings are a membrane (similar to the fly wings but it has more veins) and stand upright like a butterfly wing. The front wing is much larger than the rear wing. In most species, the male eye is usually larger with a very long foreleg, used in finding and holding the female while mating in the air. The life of Mayfly can be as short as 30 minutes, depending on the species and after the hatch they mate, lay eggs and die.


Macaw - animals beginning with M
Macaw is an original colorful tropical parrot from Central and South America. There are 17 different species of macaw found in the rainforests of South America and many different types of macaw nowadays are considered to be rare animals. Macaw is omnivorous animal and eats nuts and fruits in trees along with insects, eggs, small mammals and reptiles. The parrot is known as a day animal and it sleeps at night, then fly away in a long distance to find the food in the morning.

Macaw is one of the largest parrot species in the world, with average adult macaw growing until more than one meter in height. Macaw has brightly colored feathers that often have many different colors including blue, red, yellow and green.

Macaw has a large and powerful beak functioning to break the shells of the nuts and to seed more easily. Macaw also has four toes on each leg, with two toes facing forward and two toes facing the back. This foot adjustment helps the macaw to grip the branches of prey and trees more easily, and allows the macaw to float in trees without slipping. Furthermore, Macaw is also known as a intelligent and friendly animal which can be often seen with the others in large flocks. Some species of macaw also can mimic human sound.


Mallard - animals that start with letter M
Mallard duck is a wild bird that lives and breeds in the wet forest and is also called wild duck. It is the ancestor of almost all breeds of domestic ducks. They can be found in forest lakes, ponds, rivers or swamps. Mallard is one type of waterfowl omnivourus which breed by laying eggs.  It has about 20-28 inches in length and has a wingspan of about three feet. The male mallard have bright green heads and  the female mallard doesn’t. The female has mottled brown feather. Mallard ducks start flying when they are about 3 to 4 months old. The mallard lives in most of Canada and United States. This animal can live anywhere from the Arctic to the subtropical regions of the world.


Maltese - Animals That Start With M
The four animals from the list of animals that start with M is Maltese. Maltase is a small dog categorized as a toy-dog. Its body is small with a similar length of height. The male maltese has around 21 – 25 cm in height. While the female is about 20 – 23 cm. The ears are closed down and the tail covers with feathers to the back, and has very dark eyes, surrounded by dark skin pigmentation. Maltese wool is long and smooth and has no bottom layers. Maltese is called as an active dog which is very excited, funny, and lovable.

Maltese is type of dog which need a treatment. Thus, it needs to be brushed every day and  do it gently because the fur is very smooth. Clean their eyes every day to prevent stains and wash the beard after eating for the same reason. Bathe or use dry shampoo regularly and then make sure it is completely dry. Clean their ears and pull the hair that grows in their ears. You should also cut the nails routinely so as not to hurt himself and around him. Eyes should be checked regularly and clean if necessary.


Mammoth - animals beginning with letter M
The mammoth is a type of elephant, but is now extinct. They live in various parts of the earth in the Ice Age. Mammoth has a slightly tapered head. The ivory of  mammoth curved spiral with opposite edges. This ivory is used to separate snow or ice from the plants to eat. Mammoths belong to ancient animals that eat plants or called herbivores. It has thick hump containing fat reserves that function to hold the body from the cold. Mammoth suffered extinction at the end of the ice age. Scientists suspect that it is is caused by drastic climate change of about 10,000 to 15,000 years ago. At that time, the air temperature rises, so the ice melts and the mammoth cannot adapt to this condition.


Manakin - animals that start with the letter
The manakin is small passerine birds. This group contains about 60 species that spread to the tropical United States. The size of the body ranges from 7 to 15 cm (3 to 6 inches) and weighs 8 to 30 grams. They are fairly plump birds with short tails, wide and round wings, and large heads. In the first year, the male and female manakin have dull green fur; Most species are sexually dichotomized in their fur, mostly black males with striking colors, and in some species having a long tail, and also look pretty on the neck with a bright color. In some species, male manakins aged two to four years have distinctive feathers.

Manakins live in the southern Mexican region to northern Argentina, Paraguay, and southern Brazil, and in Trinidad and Tobago as well. They are forest birds and live in the forest. Most species live in humid tropical lowland, with some in dry forests, river forests, and subtropical Andes. Manakins eat small fruits like berries, and to a lesser extent they eat insects.


Manatee - Animals That Start With M
Manattee is a big sea mammal which sometimes is called as a sea-cow. The manattee is a herbivorous animal which spends most of its time eating grass in the shallow water. The manatee can reach a height up to more than 4.5 metres with the weight around 2000 kilograms. Manatee lives in the river and sea. This animal belongs to a rare animal and is prevented to keep its existence. Their age can reach 50-60 years and the unique in that period is that their teeth continue to grow and change. New teeth grow on the back of the jaw and move forward while the teeth on the front will date by itself.


Mandrill - animals beginning with M
The eight list of animals that start with M is Mandrill. Mandrill is part of the old world monkey family. Mandrills are omnivores which like to eat foods such as fruits, seeds, eggs and small animals.The male Mandrill is the most colorful primate, while the female Mandrill's coloring is more subdued than the males. This animal lives in groups in West-Central Africa, in the African rainforest exactly. The size of  adult female Mandrill is about one third the size of the adult male. They spend most of their day on the ground but go up into the trees at night. Mandrill usually lives in group called a troop and each troop consist of usually 20 individuals. The existance of this animal today is endangered and they are sometimes hunted for meat.


Markhor - mammals that start with M
Markhor is type of a unique wild goat. One of the most obvious of the markhor's peculiarities is of course in its unusual spiral-shaped. The horn of male markhor can reach 1.5 metres, while the female is 25 centimetres. In addition, the male markhors tend to have feathers that are thicker and paler than females.

The thickness of the markhor fur also depends on the seasons where when winter comes and the temperature becomes colder, the markhor will have feathers that tend to be thicker and also longer than in spring or summer. The species of markhir can be commonly found in most of the highlands of Pakistan, northern India, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and southern Uzbekistan. As animal that live sin mountainous areas, markhor has the ability to climb and explore the mountainous areas which is covered by the rocks.


Meerkat - Animals That Start With M
It is last list of animals that start with M which we are going to learn. Meerkat or which is also called as a slender-tailed suricat is the only species in the genus suricate. It is a small animal, living in a large social colony made up of several meerkats units. They are often found in association with other wing types, as well as squirrels and other rodents. The meerkat has a sense of smell, vision, a very sophisticated hearing, sometimes seen standing on his hind legs, which is functioning to alert the others when danger. If meerkat finds a predator, there will be a warning sound to warn others of the colony.

Meerkat has four toes and long slender legs that are used for helping Meerkat climb trees. Meerkat lives in the Kalahari Desert in Botswana and South Africa. The Meerkat group is called the Gang of meercat, Meerkat Group or clan of meerkat. The Meerkat clan often contains about 20 individuals at once, but some of the super meerkat are known to be 50 members or more. It has a lot of chatter like a call in repertoire. At night, he took refuge in a multistep hole. During the day, meerkat sunbathes near the entrance for finding insects, small mammals, reptiles, birds, eggs, fruit and plants.

Now you know that there are many animals outside which are very unique and beautiful. Don’t feel bored to learn about animals because it is so fun. And then, after the letter M i.e. animals that start with N. Well, those all the 10 list of animals with letter M.

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