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List of Amazing Animals That Start With S

Sea Dragon, Sailfish, Sandgrouse and Saola they are some fascinating animals that start with S. Learning about animals is very important to us. In addition to add insight, learning about the animals is also able to make our mood for the better. Their cute and unique looks and their adorable habits often make us giggle. Therefore, on this occasion let us add our insights about the animals that exist in the world. Before it you can see some of my previous article entitled Unique Animals that start with E. And now, our discussion will be focused on animals with letter S.

List of Amazing Animals That Start With Letter S

Sea Dragon

Animals name That Start With S is Sea Dragon
The first list of animals that start with S that we are going to learn together is Sea-dragon. Sea Dragon is a kind of sea creature that resembles a dragon. Adult sea-dragons are a reddish color, with a yellow and purple sign. This type of marine animals is still related to sea horses. Sea-dragon is a type of endemic fish in Australia in the East Indian Ocean and South Pacific Ocean. Sea-dragons inhabit coastal to a depth of at least 50 m (160 ft). They usually hide around coral reefs and seaweed. These fish move slowly and sometimes they are alert to predators. When the sea-dragons move they look like drifting seaweed. The emergence of various kinds of pollution in the oceans causes some coral reefs and grass died and this threatens the extinction of sea-dragon habitat.


Seahorse is Animals That Start With S
Sea horse is one type of fish that live in sea water. These animals vary in size from 16 mm to 35 cm in size and are usually found in tropical and subtropical waters all over the world. Uniquely, sea horses are the only species where males can conceive and give birth. Sea horses have pectoral fins on the head, near the gills and dorsal fins located at the bottom of the body of a sea horse. And some species of sea horses have transparent bodies as a form of self-protection that makes them invisible. Until now, there are 54 types of sea horses that are scattered and inhabit the tropical waters.

Sea horses are one of the sea animals that are very smart especially to trick the predators. They can change the color and shape of sea horses that can resemble some other marine animals such as coral reefs. Their favorite food is zooplankton and shrimps that are very small in size. Sea horses usually directly suck the food directly passing around them and put it directly into the digestion without having to chew it first.


Animals That Start With S - Sailfish
Sailfish. Have you ever heard about the name of this fish? Well, in the ocean there is also a fish that has a speed equivalent to a cheetah, the sailfish. Sailfish is a type of fish from the genus Istiophorus that lives in the warmer periphery of the world's oceans, and is the fisherman's favorite fish. Most sailfishes are grayish-blue and have a vertical dorsal fin that resembles a ship's screen.

Another important feature is the elongated muzzle. The body is rigid, straight and tapered, and the tail fin that resembles a pair of scissors. This body structure is what makes sailfish can swim very fast. Sailfish moves its tail back and forth hundreds of times by utilizing its strong muscles. Sailfish can swim for long periods of time with speeds exceeding 40 miles per hour and with a maximum speed of 70 miles per hour or equivalent to 113 kilometers per hour.


Salamander - animals beginning with letter s
Salamanders are amphibians that resemble lizards and belong to the tailed and legged amphibian class (Caudata / Urodela). The characteristic feature of salamander is having a slim body, a long tail and legs that are supine. Salamander is a native European animal. Just like the general characteristics of amphibians, the salamander has a smooth and shiny skin that looks wet. When laying eggs, salamander put their eggs under water, then hatch. Their babies can swim in the water and breathe by using gill. After adulthood, usually the gill is turned into the lungs and can live on the land. Salamander eats small animals such as insects. The natural habitat of a salamander is water, wet or moist areas, and on land for a particular species.


Sandgrouse - animal start with letter S
Sandgrouse is the name of bird found mainly in the deserts of Asia and North Africa, and has a specialization of feathers in its stomach that is able to absorb small amounts of water. The male sandgrouse will use this feather like a sponge to bring water back to their nest, which they then share with their female couples and their babies. Sandgrouse has a small head and neck like a dove and a solid compact body. Its size ranges from 24 to 40 centimeters and weighs 150 to 500 grams. They have eleven strong primary feathers and their pointed wings can make them fly quickly.

The sandgrouse’s existence spread from the Caspian Sea through southern Siberia, Tibet and Mongolia to northern and central China. Sandgrouse is a seed eater. Other foods eaten include green shoots and leaves, tubers and berries. Insects such as ants and termites can be eaten especially during the breeding season.


Saola - Animals That Start With S
Saola is one of the world's rarest mammals, similar to a cow that has long, pointed horns, for which it often becomes a hunting animal for local people to be used as decoration. The size of the horn can reach 20 inches.  This animal can only be found in Vietnam and Laos. Therefore this animal is threatened with extinction by the people in the country.  Saola is a smart animal hiding, so it is rarely seen by humans.


Scorpion - is animal begin with S
The seventh from the list of Amazing animals that start with S is Scorpion. Scorpion is one of the animals that became the symbol of the zodiac which looks very distinctive. Its tail is slender and long curved at the end, and there is a stinger (called Telson) used to inject the poison into its prey. Scorpions, like spiders, are classified into the 8-foot Arachnid class. A scorpion is a predator that works very effectively. It  has eyes that can be used to detect the prey, with its eight legs that can be used on any surface so that it can catch its prey quickly. The habitat of scorpion is generally in the desert, but some live around urban areas and near the mountains. Scorpions belong to the class of nocturnal animals that actively seek food at night. During the day, the scorpions hide under the rocks or in the crevices.


Seal - animals that start with letter S
Seals are large mammals of carnivorous orders that live in cool regions. They're slick and big enough. The front legs are large and function as hand shaped like a fin. The front body is large and narrows backward. All types of seals are carnivorous animals that feed on fish, squid and other marine animals. The leopard seal (Hydrurga leptonyx) is probably the largest predator among other types of seals, which feed on a variety of animals from krill, penguins to other seals.


Serval - names animal with letter S
Serval is a wild cat found in Africa. Serval is a slim and medium-sized cat that inhabits northern Africa. Its body height is 54 to 62 cm and weighs 8 to 18 kg. But females tend to be lighter. The head and body length is usually between 67 and 100 cm (26-39 inches). Serval has the longest legs of any cat relative to its size. The coat is basically golden yellow, and many are marked with dark spots and stripes. They have brownish or greenish eyes, white whiskers on the snout and near ears that are as large as domestic cats.

Serval is active during the day and night; But they are more often hanging around at dusk and midnight. The servals may be active for longer periods in the rainy season. During the middle of a hot day, they rest or shelter under the shade of bushes and grass. Servals are carnivores. They eat rodents such as rats, small birds, frogs, insects and reptiles. They also eat grass that can facilitate digestion. Serval prefers enclosed areas, such as reeds and tall grasses, and close to water bodies, such as wetlands and grasslands.


Sheep - Animals That Start With S
And the last of animals that start with S is Sheep. Who doesn’t know this one of the animals with letter S? Sheep are known belonging to the small ruminants group that have thick fur and are known for being kept for use as wool, meat and milk. Sheep have thick hair all over the body, have earlobes, four legs, and have milk glands in females. The diversity of sheep makes each sheep's distinctive features different. There is a sheep that have horns and have no horns. The weight of adult male sheep ranges from 50-100 kilograms and 30 until 50 kilograms of adult females.  The weight of this sheep body depends on the type of sheep that is owned.

After reading the description of the animals that start with S above, what do you think? Some of them live on land, and some live in the ocean. Both have an important role in maintaining the balance of the food chain in their respective habitats. Also, their existence is protected by the government so that the population does not quickly become extinct. So, as intelligent and affectionate human beings, let us together help keep their populations by not destroying their habitat.

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