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Unique and Exotic Animals That Start With U

Animals That Start With U - Never stop learning is very needed for human to get better quality in the life. Moreover, learning actually doesn’t mean to learn something related the lesson that is gooten in the class or formal institution only, but it is to learn everything which there in the both of formal and non formal such as in the course and other. Talking about learning, there are many sources to get some knowledge. One of them is from the nature. In previous articles I have covered 10 Amazing animals that start with S which probably you've never know before. You can still increase your knowledege well from the nature which is there around us. They are as like animal and plants. Here one of the topic that can be your material to be learned is about 10 animals with letter U.

10 List of Animals That Start With U + Pictures and Facts


Animals That Start With U - Uakari
For the first animal that start with U is Uakari. It is one of the bizarre monkey. It is one of the new world monkeys and it is found in the western Amazon of Peru and Brazil. It has a short tail and long golden fur, but its most amazing feature is its head which is not only red but bald. Red coloring is not a pigment as seen in baboons but is actually a lack of pigment. Uakari has a little fat under the skin and is so full of capillary blood that shows up to make it red-faced.

Uganda Kob

Uganda Kob - Animals beginning With Letter U
Uganda Kob or Kobos kop tomasi is a type or subspecies of kob, this type of this antelope found in sub-Saharan Africa in southern Sudan, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Ethiopia. Usually it has a reddish brown which differs from other subspecies kob. kob Uganda appears in the Ugandan badge. The Uganda Kob is sometimes also classified as an adenotene embryo. References are sometimes made with the Dutch name Oganda-Waterbok.

Kob is similar to Impala but it is stronger. However, males are stronger than females and they have horns. For the males, they have a shoulder height of 90-100 cm (3.0-3.3 ft) and an average weight of 94 kg (207 lb). While, for the female has a shoulder height of 82-92 cm (2.69-3.02 ft) and an average weight of 63 kg (139 lbs). Males usually become darker as they age. Those which have white kobeng (K. k leukotis) are sometimes found in the area of Sud (the eastern part of their range) and they are very different and dark as a whole.


Uguisu - Animals Start With Letter U
The third list of 10 animals that start with U is Uguisu. It is a small bird species that found throughout Japan, China and Taiwan, along with a number of other areas in the Far East. Uguisu is also known as Bush-Warbler of Japan, for being the name of his beautiful song. Actually they do not sing at night. The beauty of the song Uguisu is said to have caused them also known as the Nightingale of Japan. Uguisu is a small bird that known for its beautiful dull colors, especially compared to the beauty of the song.

They tend to be olive green or light brown with darker feathers for wingings and tail. The Uguisu tail is relatively long in relation to its body size and consists of rectal hair, making it similar to the long tail tail. They also have thin legs with long fingers and claws to help them grip the branch more easily. Then, they aslso have small dark eyes with pale lines on top of each, and a brown beak straight.


Umbrellabird - animals name starting with Letter U
And the fourth from the list that i think very unique of animals that start with U is Umbrellabird. Umbrellabirds are a kinds of bird that is in the genus of Cephalopterus. They are usually found in rainforests exactly in the South and Central America. Umbrellabirds have a length with the total for about 35 up to 50 cm (14–19.5 in). They are the largest members among the cotinga family.

Furthermore, the male of umbrellabird is the largest passerine that there is in South America. They are almost completely black and they have a clear peak at the top of their heads, resembling a mysterious umbrella (hence its common name). All have a rubber padding in the neck which amplify their solid and explosive invitations. Kind of this bird has a length for about 35 cm (14 inches) in a long umbrella, but smaller than the two remaining types. Then, they are covered by a light red skin on a bare neck umbrella. Females are similar to males, but feel smaller and have a lower peak and grab. They eat fruits, large insects and sometimes small vertebrates (eg lizards).


Upupa - animals begin with U
Upupa is a colorful bird that ever found in Afro-Eurasia. The famous for its distinctive "crown" feathers. Kind of this bird is classified in the Kursifurms herb which also includes sharks, bee eating, and pulleys. The close relationship between Upupu and Woodobus is also supported by the sharing and unique nature of Stapis. In the Sibley-Ahlquist class, Upupa is separated from Corseforms as a separate arrangement, Obuiformes. Some of the authorities put Woodbouze in the obopiforms as well. Now the consensus is that both Upupu and wooden circles are included in the horns in Boserotifurms.


Urial - Animals That Start With U
The next list of 10 animal that start with U is Urial. The Urial is also known as Arcares or Chabo. They are a subset of the wildebeest Orealis. The notable features are reddish red fur that fades during the winter. The maled of urial are characterized by black ruffles extending from neck to chest and large horns. They are found in West Central Asia. Other subtypes of Urial are oriental groups (Officinal Orientalis orientalis). Both groups are often considered a separate type. The males of Urial had a great horns that bending outward from the top of the head that weave to the end behind the head. While, the horn of females is shorter than male. The length of the horns can reach up to 100 cm (39 inches). While for the height of the adult Urial shoulder between 80 and 90 cm (31 and 35 inches).


Uromastyx - animal beginning with U
Uromastyx is a type of lizard that found in the desert and as one of the largest members of the genus Uromastyx. They can be found in Egypt, Libya and the entire Middle East region but is very rare today because of the decline of habitat. Their hard skin is often used by Bedouin Arabs, while the meat is eaten as an alternative source of protein and they can show you how to slaughter it. According to Muslim beliefs, this Uromastyx is kosher eaten and is said to be a kind of traditional inner-fuel stimulant. Then, Uromastyx  live in desert or desert areas, they usually make holes for shelter. They love vegetables (herbivores) and sometimes little insects like grasshoppers.


Urraca - animals beginning with the letter U
Uracca adult males of sub species that nominate p.p. Pica has the length for about 44-46 cm (17-18 in) which is more than half its tail. Its wingspan is 52-62 cm (20-24 inches). Cape, neck and breasts shiny black with green and purple gloss; stomach and scab (white reed) clean. Its black wings are encrusted with green or purple and its ancestors have white inner nets, hit when the wings are open. The tail that passes is black, coated with green and reddish-purple. Then, they has black legs and bon with dark brown strips. The female stomach is similar but the female is slightly smaller. The tail feathers of both genders are very long, about 12-28 cm in length.


Urubu - Animals That Start With U
The next list of 10 animal that start with U is Urubu. Urubu is kind of bird that has a black features of his body. The color of their head is sometimes red and white, then there is also black. They can fly with their wings. Its feed are little bit long for about 5cm. Then, their features is as like the chicken features.

Uinta ground squirrel

Uinta Ground Squirrel - Animals That Start With U
The lenght of Uinta Ground Squirrel is around 11–12 inches and their height is about 7–10 ounces. The habitat of Uinta Ground Squirrel is in heavily grazed grasslands or disturbed, mountain meadows that has the height up to 11.000 feet and sagebrush meadows. Most of them eat grasses, mushrooms, forbs, carrion and insects even include the road-killed members which come from its own species.

The behavior of this animal is such as hibernating as early as mid-July up to March. For breeding of this animal that is in early spring. One 6-8 young trash a year. During the cool spring weather, Uinta Ground Squirrel are always active at all times, because hot weather activities are more limited in the morning, afternoon, and evening. While, during the winter, the Uinta Ground Squirrel is sometimes active near the Albright Visitor Center and hotels in Mammoth Hot Springs. The physical of this animal is the back has gray color and for the butt with fine white spots on the back. Nose and shoulders brown to cinnamon; gray tail below.

That’s all for a little explanation of 10 animals that start with U. To know more the explanation of each animal with letter U, it is better for you to search by yourself. In wish, it can make a use for you to increase your knowledge related the animal.

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