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Animals That Start With A

Animals Starting With A - Learning is very needed to do in order to make the quality of our life getting better. However learning is not about everything that have studied in the school only. Actually to improve your knowledge, you can also learn about something around you such as animal or plants. As before we have discussing animals that start with N, complete with pictures and facts. They can be a good subject to be learned also. Here the subject that you can learn to add your knowledge is about 10 animal that start with letter A.

10 List of Animals Starting With A + Facts and Pictures

Animals That Start With A - Aardvark
Aardvark is kind of termite. They eat animal and ants. Then, they live in Africa. Aardvark has very sharp hearing so that they can hear the movement of insects that are underground. Aardvark is also called a ground pig. The name of the land pig is given by the Dutch who live in Africa. Aardvarks or ground pigs have the same body size as a wild boar, but the aardvark's ears are bigger than the wild boar and its muzzle is longer.

Aardvark foraging by dismantling the termite nest in the African region usually termites make nests up to the surface of the soil. After successfully opening the termite nest, aardvark will immediately lick the termite with a long tongue and sticky. Adult Aardvark has a tongue whose length reaches an average of 30 cm. Aardvark has very strong and sharp nails. While sensing the danger of a predator like a lion or a tiger, they will usually enter their hole or if they are far from the nest it will soon dig a hole and hide in the hole.

Aardwolf - Animals Starting With A
The next animal list of  10 animals with letter A is Aardwolf. Aardwolf is kind of African animal that is still one type with Hyena, but there are some quite prominent differences. Aardwolf is commonly found in East and South Africa. These animals usually live in the pit. Getting out at night and rarely seen.

Aardwolf is not like a Hyena because it has five fingers on the front leg and also has four toes on its hind legs. While Hyena itself has four fingers on each leg. Aardwolf is also smaller than Hyena, high up to the shoulders of about 51 cm. Aardwolves live alone, in pairs, or in groups with 2-4 young Aardwolves. Aardwolf has a kind of cervical hair along his back. This feather can make itself look bigger.

Accentor - Animals beginning with A
Accentor has medium size, that is about 15 cm.  they have reddish-brown color. Then, white throat with reddish spots. While, their chest and abdomen swept gray and red rust for eyebrows. Further, they have black beak and legs. Accentor also have sharp, single whistle weak, and hissing sound. They spread in Kalimantan. Besides this animal also has habit. Their habits are sediments in the lower plants in the upper mountain forests and responding to the sound of "pssst" inducement well.

Acouchi - Animals That Start With Letter A
Acouchi is kind of a rodent belonging to the Dasibroctideae family of the Amazon Basin. They are generally smaller than Agotis and they have very short tails for about 5 to 7 cm. For this reason the acouchi is also called the tail agotis. There are two types of this animal, they are Acouchi Red in Guyanas of the Amazon and parts of neighboring Brazil and the second is Acouchi Green in the West Amazon. They are also different in color and other characteristics. Often, Acouchi lives on the banks of the river where they can dig a hole. Further, they are active during the day and consumes fruit.

Addax - Animals Starting With Letter A
The next list animal of 10 animals beginning with A is Addax. Addax is also known as deer screwhorn. It is an endangered species of deer that lives in the Sahara desert. As suggested by the alternative name, this pale deer has a long and crooked horn. It is closely related to deer, but differs from other antelopes by having large cow greets such as cows and less typical facial glands. Although very rare in its natural habitat due to unregulated hunting, it is very common in captivity. They are sometimes hunted as trophies on farms in the United States.

Addax is primarily herbivorous. They adapted to living in areas with large water scarcity. This animal can be easily hunted by its predators because it runs slowly. Due to the slow movement, the Addax is an easy target for predators such as humans, cheetahs, African hunting dogs, and leopards. Addax does not get annoyed easily, although people often turn aggressively by being bullied.

Albatross - Animals beginning with A
Albatross is kind of bird. They are large seabird in a procellariiformes order called a group with procellariidae, petrel diver, and petrel storm. This bird is found extensively in the oceans and the northern pacific oceans. Then, kind of this bird is absent in the North Atlantic, although the fossil findings show that this bird was once there.

Albatrosses have the largest wingspan in excess of other birds. It feeds on squid, shrimp and fish by eating stranded animals, hunting on the water and also diving. Albatros is a bird that lives in the colony. They have the habit of making nests on remote islands in the middle of the ocean, sometimes mixed with several species. This bird has a habit of monogamy by maintaining a partner for life. The breeding season can take more than a year from laying with one egg for a breeding season.

Alligator - Animals That Start With A
Alligators are animals that are still closely related to crocodiles (Crocodilia family). The alligator's name is taken from Spanish, a group of Spanish colonies that first explored the swampy terrain of the Florida Peninsula to encounter the animals they call el laganto yaang "lizard". The alligator distinction with crocodile is clearly visible from the mouth and teeth, the alligator's mouth is wider and the lips look neatly over the teeth.

While the crocodile has a slightly elongated mouth and form the letter V and many visible teeth coming out of the lips, although in a closed mouth. Especially the fourth lower teeth. Alligators are animals that live alone. The largest species (male and female) will retain its main territory. The main prey of alligators is a smaller animal that they can kill and eat in one bite. Alligators sometimes also prey on larger animals by grabbing them and drowning them in the water.

Anteater - Animals Starting With A
The next animal list of 10 animals starting with letter A is Anteater. Anteater is a name for a mammal animal that is easily recognizable by seeing its long snout like a hose. Then, its body covered with dense fur. The name "anteaters" (anteater) is clearly given because the ants are the main food of this animal. But unlike the name, food from ant feeders is not just limited to ants.

The giant anteater has a tapered muzzle with a long, sticky tongue and sharp claws. Its sharp claws are designed to disassemble ant nests.  The anteater runs slowly with the weight in the knuckles so the claws are not damaged and stay sharp. An under-age anteater will usually be taken by its mother wherever she goes by carrying her on her parent's back.

Antelope - Animals name with A
Antelope is the name of a group of animals that have hoof nails and horns. They come from the same family as goats and cows. But the antelope looks more like a deer because most of them are slender and elegant. Antelope, like other livestock, is ruminant. Antelope keep their horns for life. Both male and female antelope have horns. Male horns usually grow larger. Some antelopes have straight short horns.

Other horns are long and curved, sometimes twisted into spirals. Some antelope horns are fine, while others have ring-shaped indentations along the horns. Antelope horns form around one bone core. The antelope horn does not branch off like a branch of a tree, as is a deer's antlers. Most antelopes live in Africa, but some species exist in Asia.

Armadillo - Animals Starting With A
The last of 10 animals starting with A is Armadillos. They are a type of placental mammal that has a hard and rough skin layer. These animals are still close relatives with pangolins. There are about 10 extant genera and 20 extant species of armadillos that have been successfully described. Some of them are distinguished by the number of lines on their protective skin. The average of armadillo length is about 75 cm, including the tail. But the giant armadillo can grow up to 150 cm weighing up to 59 kg.

While the fairy armadillo pink is only about 12-15 cm long. All of these species of armadillos live in different parts of the Americas. This type of animal can be found mostly in the South and Central American continents, especially in Paraguay and beyond. Many species of Armadillos are in "Endangered" status. Armadillos are excellent diggers. Many species of armadillos use their claws to dig a hole as a nest and also excavate the soil for feeding. However Armadillos have poor eyesight, so rather use their sense of smell to hunt. Armadillo food varies by species. But it is usually the form of insects, maggots, ants, termites and other invertebrates.

That’s all for the the explanation about 10 animals that start with A. In hope you can take a used of those explanation to improve your knowledge especially related to animal. For the next i.e. the letter B, if you want to know the list of 10 Animals that start with B, please read it in that article.

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