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Animals That Start With B

Animals That Start With B - There are many kinds of animal in this world. If you are animal lover, it is a neccesity for you to learn many of them. It can be their characteristic, their habitat, their food, and many others. To know more about kind of animal doesn’t mean you have to see them directly, but you can learn it from the book or other sources. Suppose you want to know the animals that start with A previously already we explain on this website, and for now, In this case, there are some animal that begin with letter B that may be you haven’t seen or heard before. 10 animal start with letter B will be explained as follow.

10 List of Animals Starting With B + Fact and Pictures

Animals That Start With B - Baboon
Baboon is a type of mammals. They live in the grasslands of Africa and the vast arid deserts of Arabia. They are omnivorous, so they can eat both vegetables and kind of meat. The length of their head and body is about 20-34 inches (60-86 cm). Then, the average tail length is 16 -23 inches (41-58 cm). This animal’s weight reached 33-82 lbs (22-37 kg). They live in a group called troops. There are five different species of baboons. All of them live in Africa or Arabia. Baboon is included among some of the world's largest monkey species, males averaging 33-82 pounds (15-37 kilograms). All baboons have strong jaws with sharp canine teeth. Then, they also have a pair of adjacent eyes, short tails, thick fur except on their snouts.

Badger - Animals Starting With B
The second of animals that start with B is Badger. It is the most brave animal on earth. This animal even got into the Guinness Book of Records with the title of "world's most fearless animal" or "the most fearless creature". These animals are commonly found in Africa and West Asia such as Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, and India. They are usually called by honey badger because they are very like of honey. Then, this animal often ignores its safety when it enters the honeycomb even their act often can leads them to the death. Badger can kill toxic scorpions, attack deer (gazelle), lions, even they are able to kill crocodiles, and snake killers are very efficient. Moreover, they take only 15 minutes to eat a 1.5 meter long snake. The ferocity of this animal is famous in nature, thus even the lion will not try to eat them.

Bandicoot - Animals Beginning With B
Bandicoot is the name of a type of animal that has a mouse-like appearance. Its body is covered with hair that the coloration that varies between species. The shape of the tail is as like a cable and conical at the edges. Their heads are long with a pair of triangular ears. Bandicoot is kind of omnivorous, thus they like to eat such as insects, small animals, plant roots, mushrooms and others. When looking for food, bandicoot uses his front legs to dig up and find the animals that are hiding in the ground. Bandicoot has a nocturnal behavior which means that this new animal is active on the move and foraging at night. While in the daytime, long nose bandicoots hide inside burrows hidden among the grass. Their length start from their head to body 245-330 mm. While the length of their tails are about 105-30 mm.

Barbet - Animals That Start With B
Barbet is kind og a bird. They are commonly found in secondary forest areas, both on the edge of the forest and in the open forest. The bird that has the Latin name Lineated Barbet has their own characteristics. Firstly, their body measuring approximately 29 cm. Then, basically they have a fur color almost Overall all green, except on the neck and head. Barbet can be found in some places such as in asia, africa and america. The species of this animal are 28 species. The appearance of this bird generally hairy with a few feathers with colors like yellow, red, blue, black and brown that add to this bird. The sound of this bird is monotonous with the volume from medium to hard. This animal food can be in the form of fruits, insects, and centipedes to frog child.

Barnacle - Animals Starting With B
A barnacle is a type of arthropod that forms the infrared siracidia in the soplumo of crustaceans and is therefore associated with crabs and karats. The land is marine, tends to live in shallow and moorland waters, usually in an eroded environment. They are nutritious suspension (nonmutile). Currently there are approximately 1,220 species of coral reefs. Although some species of barnacles are parasites, most types of coral reefs are harmless, as they are nutrient filters and do not interfere with regular animal diets and do not endanger the animals that leave them in any way. Many species of barnacles are very serious indeed, and the animals covered by them may not even be aware of them.

Barracuda - Animals Beginning With B
Barracuda is known as a tangible and large-bodied fish that reaches 6 feet long and body width up to 1 foot. Her body is long and covered by a very fine scales. Barracuda fish can be found in tropical and sub-tropical waters around the world. Barracuda is one of the most fierce predators in the tropics. They will circle the small fish until the small fish form a group and make the small fish fear, at the same time the barracuda will dive into the hordes of small fish and then the barracuda will prey on the small fish that are being are in fear. Barracuda fish have long mouths and have large, sharp teeth like knives. Its strong, sleek body helps barracudas to allow to hunt their prey with ease. Barracudas do a long way to find their prey. Barracudas usually prey on small fish such as mullets etc.

Bat - Animals That Start With Letter B
The next list animal of 10 animal starting with B is Bat. Bats can fly in the dark night. Certainly without hit the object in front of him. When flying, bats relying on the ear as a sense of hearing. Bats will make a sound from his mouth. The high-frequency sound vibration is about the object in front of it, then reflected back. The reflection of the sound will then be received ear of bats. Therefore, bats can determine the type of direction and distance of objects in front of it. Bats also use sensitive smell to get their food. Bat Foods are fruits and small insects. From a distance the bat can smell the ripe fruit with its sense of smell. Bats include vertebrate animals that multiply by childbirth. Bats like dark dwellings like caves, attics and ceilings. There are also bats hanging on the branches of trees. Bats will come out at nightfall to find food.

Bear - Animals Starting With Letter B
The bears have a great sense of their smell and hearing. Beside that, they have round ear, hair which is long, small tail, coarse, and bushy. And they also have large, five-pawed claws on their inexplicable palms. His claws are used to tear, dig, and catch. Bear's vision is almost identical to that of human vision. Black bears and the like are not color blind. Their teeth are used for survival and tools and depending on his diet. The number of teeth varied depending on the species, the bear can have 32 to 42 teeth. The structure of the bear teeth is not devoted to killing their prey, because the bear's canine is relatively small and is generally used for self-defense or tools. Bear has four palms that are clawed. Each palm has five sharp and long claws. The nails can be used to climb trees, tear off termite nests and honeycomb, dig root, or catch prey, depending on the species. do not underestimate the bear, can run to reach speeds of 50 km / h (30 mph).

Beaver - Animals That Start With B
Beaver is a kind of beaver animal that is a rodent and lives in a forest near water. They can live in two places, water and land. Beaver comes from the Castoridae family, which consists of a clan of Castor. This famous animal is always busy. They use their natural talents to engineer their habitat into a safe, comfortable and peaceful place. When supplies are still available, these rats build headquarters in the middle of rivers and lakes. They can turn unsuitable habitat into a large dam. They use large trunks, branches, and piles of mud to block the flow of water and turn the forest into fields and build large ponds to their liking. Beaver is a herbivorous or aquatic animal, the average life span in the wild reaches the age of 24 years. Their head and body lengths average 23-39 inches (60-100 cm), tail length 7.75-12 inches (20-30.5 cm), body weight 27 kg. They live in groups called colonies.

Beetle - Animals Start With B
Beetle is an ordo of this type of insect. The wings are layered because each type of beetle has two pairs of wings. A pair of wings on the front are called elytra. Both pairs of these wings will harden and thicken so they can serve to protect the right wing pairs behind or protect the back of the beetle's body.

Those are for the short explanation about animal that start with B. In wish, those explanation can extent your knowledge about animal especially 10 animal with letter B above.

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