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Pictures and Facts of Animals That Start With K

Animals That Start With K - Talking about animal, it is sure that all of you have already known about them and many kinds of them which has different characteristic, species, habitat, and so on. Such as animals that start with J that I explain in the previous article. Furthermore, each animal has their own uniqueness for each person view. Having more knowledge especially for about animal is very important because you have to be able to differ which one the animal that should you take care and which one the animal that you should be careful to have it. Actually, it is not only about those reasons but still many other reason that make you must learn more about the nature especially about animal. Here there are 10 animals beginning with K that may be all of you haven’t known before or you have ever heard their names only.

10 List of Animals Starting with Letter K + Pictures and Facts

Animals That Start With K - Kakapo
Kakapo is the first of 10 animal that start with K that you have to know. They are large and fat. For the males of kakapo, they have a length for about up to 60 centimeters and weigh between 2 to 4 kilograms as adults. Kakapo can not fly. It is caused they has short wings for their size and shortage of bony bones (breastbone) owned by a bird for flying muscles. Kakapo uses its wings for balance, support, and to adjust if they fall down when they are jumping from a tree.

They are not as like the other land birds becayse they can collect much of fat for their body to be energy sources that make it the heaviest parcels. At the head of the Kakapo there is a yellow-green moss covered with black or dark brown fur, combined with the original vegetation.

kerodon - Animals beginning with K
The kerodon genus contains two types of South American rocks associated with capybaras and guinea pigs. They are found in the semi-arid regions of northeastern Brazil known as Katinga. This area has rocky terrain with large granite rocks that contain loopholes and basins where Kirodon is primarily alive. They are rodents of Heprecomorph. Their nails are dull on all numbers except for small tentacles on the outside of the foot.

Kerodons grown intact weigh about 1000 g or 31-35 oz and their length ranges from 200 to 400 mm or 7.5 to 16 inches. Their foot are such as leaves, grass, seeds and bark. Kerodon strains throughout the year usually have 1-3 liters per year and have 1-3 infants per pregnancy. The pregnancy lasts about 76 days and the baby is discharged from the mother in 33 days. They achieve sexual maturity in 133 days.

Kestrel - animals starting with K
Kestrel is the name of several species of birds that are still included in the falcon family (Falconidae). Compared to other raptor birds such as hawks, eagles, and harriers, kestrel is the smallest. The easiest feature to distinguish kestrel with other falcon is the typical sound like a squeak. The sound also causes the bird to be named "kestrel" where the kestrel name comes from the French "crecelle" meaning "rattling".

Kestrel has a unique hunting behavior and ability. Unlike other birds of prey that always move in a direction when flying, kestrel can float motionless in the air (known as "kiting" or flying like kites). Kestrel food is very varied, ranging from large arthropods, frogs, bats, to small mammals such as rats. Among the many prey options, small mammals are his favorite.

Kangaroo - Animals That Start With Letter K
Kangaroos are kind of marsupials that come from the Australian Continent. They has long bony legs and short front legs. Then, they can move to another place by jumping up and down. Further, they also have pockets on their body. The age range of kangaroos is about 9 to 18 years. Although there are also some who can live up to the age of 28 years. Kangaroos can jump at speeds up to 70 km / hours.

In this world there are 3 species of kangaroos namely, Kangaroo Gray East, Kangaroo Gray West, and Red Kangaroo. The number of gray kangaroos is overwhelming. They live in grassy areas and open eucalyptus forest areas.

King Cobra
King Cobra - Animals Starting with letter K
The next animal of 10 animal starting with K is King cobra. It is snake that often considered to be the king of the most deadly venomous snakes. King cobra snake is the longest venomous snake with a body length up to 5 meters, although generally only about 3-4 meters only. King cobra has a common characteristic of black or dark brown with head that tend to be brighter.

The lower body scales are gray or brownish, except for bright yellow or creamy chests and necks with irregular black stripes, which are obvious when the snake lifts and stretches its neck. This snake hunts by relying on the sense of smell and sharp eyesight. It is said that with both senses the king cobra snake capable of watching its prey from a distance of 100 meters.

Keel Billed Toucan
Keel Billed Toucan - Animals Starting with K
The keel billed toucan is one of the animal which has colourful bill. Thus, it is also known or called as the rainbow billed toucan. Then, the lengths of keel billed toucan's bill are able to reach for about 20cm long and it is around one to third of the length of their body.

Their color is green. It is more green than anything else. While, their color can be mix such as green, yellow, orange and red in colour. As like other species of toucan, their size does not affect their balance as a bird itself. They are extremely light but they are still strong. They live in the holes of the trees. Thus, they are native from jungles exactly from South America. They sleep by using their beak and the position of their tails are tucked under their body. This position is done when they are sleeping in order to give other toucan so space or room to sleep.

Kiwi (animal)
kiwi animal - Animals That Start With K
The kiwi bird is one of the birds that can not fly. His body can grow to the size of a chicken, with a weight of 2-5 kg. This natural spread of bird species is limited only in New Zealand. This bird is found in three species. Bird that supposedly lived for 20 years is a bird loyal to his partner. Kiwis include nocturnal animals emerging at night to find food. Kiwi's favorite foods are small fruits, earthworms, insects, and small fish.

Kiwi includes groups of birds that can not fly. The wings are small with a length of only about 5.1 centimeters. His short and round body was overgrown with hard feathers. Its beak is strong and long. This bird has a pair of strong and big legs with nails that pointed. Kiwi avoids the enemy by running. The color of the feathers is black and brown, while his eyes were brownish.

Kinkajou - Animals beginning with Letter K
The next animal list of 10 animal that start with letter K is Kinkajou. It is a smart animal that comes from central america and south america. Their physically are similar with monkeys and civets are made into one. They have big round eyes. Further, they have small round ears and the color of their fur is goldish. They very like sweet food, banana is one of their favorite food. Kinkajou is a rainforest mammal and they are still in the family of procyonidaee, associated with olingos, coatis. While, their fur can be made a wallet or saddle horse. An adult kinkajou weighs 1.4-4.6 kg and an adult body length of 40-60cm.

Kinkajou fur feathers consist of a golden or brownish gray outer layer. They also have short legs with five fingers on each foot and sharp claws.

Koala - animals name with K
Koala is a typical Australian marsupial. This animal is sometimes called a koala bear because it resembles a teddy bear. Koalas are also like wombats. Besides, their closest living relatives. Then, their feathers are thicker and their ears are larger and their limbs are longer. Koalas are only active for about two hours a day and get all the fluids by eating eucalyptus leaves. You can see koalas along Australia's temperate eastern coastline. Koala is kind of a tree animal. They are gray and the mother has a Marsupium (abdominal pouch) to carry their small children in their belly pouch. Koala weighs vary between 14 kg of large males, up to 5 kg of females.

Kudu - Animals Starting with K
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The last animal list of 10 animals that start with K is Kudu. It is one of the most beautiful dangerous animals in Africa. Kudu has the size for about 55 inches (larger Kudo). Then, they have weight of their body for about 565 pounds (Kudo largest). While for their age, they have age around 7 to 8 years in the wild and even 23 years in captivity. Kudu’s habitat is dense forests or forests. Kind of this animal will pregnant up to 9 months (larger Kudo).

Predators of this animal are such as tigers, clear hyenas, hunting dogs, and humans. Kudu lacked lines and spots on the body, mostly white hair color between the eyes. Males kudu have long horns, whirlpools. The largest kudu horn is spectacular and can grow as long as 72 inches, making 2 1/2 graceful curves.

That’s all the explanation of 10 animal starting with letter K. If you want to know the 10 exotic animals that start with L, I have discuss it on the article, complete with pictures and facts. In hope the explanation can add your knowledge related the animal.

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