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List of Exotic Animals That Start With L

Animals that start with L - Hello, animal lovers. It’s time to learn again about the animals spread in the world. It never has the end when talking about animals for their existence is so huge. Thus, let’s learn more about them, If previously we have learned animals that start with N and this article specially will talk about the animals with letter L with pictures dan facts.

10 Animals That Start With Letter L


Animals That Start With L - Ladybug
There are about 5000 different types of beetles in the world. This beloved bettle is also known as Ladybird or Ladybug Beetle. They come in different colors and styles, but the most famous in North America are the seven ladybugs, with red and shiny black bodies. One ladybug can eat up to 5,000 insects for life. Most ladybugs have an oval-shaped body and a dome with six short legs.

Depending on the species, they may have patches, lines, or any sign at all. The seven ladybugs are painted red or orange with three dots on each side and one in the middle. They have a black head with white spots on either side. Ladybugs enjoy being in a variety of habitats, including grasslands, forests, towns, suburbs, and rivers along. Ladybugs are the most active from spring to autumn. As the weather gets cold, they look for a warm and secluded place to hibernate, as in wood rot, under a rock, or even inside the house.


Lamprey - Animals starting with L
The second of the list animals starting with L is Lampreys. The Lamprey spent most of their life in the sea, using a circular lollipop to hold on to other fish. Feeding through throttle the holes in their flesh, and then, like a leech, it absorbs blood. Adults, more than 400 mm in length, lay eggs in fresh water, thus migrating to rivers from the ocean to lay their eggs in small streams. Adults are not fed while in freshwater, and therefore are not parasites in freshwater fish, although the species in North America in the Great Lakes feed Salmonella.

Lampreys can be distinguished from snakes in the presence of a circular lollipop, not mouths and gill holes on their sides behind the head directly. The males also have large pockets behind their mouths. Lampreys are found throughout New Zealand, and also in Australia and South America. Although there is a wide distribution, it is not reported from Stewart or Chatham Island. They generally live near the beach in the lowlands. When returning to freshwater to reproduce, adults can use their circular suckers to stick and overcome obstacles such as cliffs and waterfalls.


Lapwing - animals beginning with L
Lapwing is the most prevalent strain spread and species associated with a wide range of open habitats. This fashionable bird is a seasonal change. The arrival of migratory herds was the beginning of the winter and the falling fall of the sails and the call of "Peweet" to the arrival of spring. With beautiful green and purple feathers and distinctive peaks, the lapwings can be seen in open farmland, mud and pastures. Large herds of migratory birds can be seen in Norfolk in autumn and winter.


Leech - Animals That Start With L
Leeches are fragmented worms that belong to the annelid section and consist of a subclass of Herodina. Leeches have no feathers and do not match the external fragmentation of the body with the internal division of its members. Their bodies are denser because the space in the coelom is solid with connective tissue. They also have two suckers, one at each end. Leeches can be found in freshwater environments marine environments for some species. They are able to display a variety of behaviors that allow them to explore their surroundings and feed on their hosts. The browsing behavior includes head and body movements waving. They feed on small invertebrates. To feed their host, leeches use their front suckers to connect the host to feed.


Lemming - Animals starting with letter L
The fifth of the list animals that start with L is Lemming. Lemming is a small rodent normally found in or near the North Pole in Tundra biomass. Lemmings weigh from 30 to 110 grams. It is about 7-15 cm long. They generally have long, feathery soft, very short tail. They are herbivores, eating mostly on leaves, buds, grasses and sediments in particular, but also on roots and tubers. Sometimes, they will eat larvae. Lemmings do not hibernate during the harsh northern winter. They are active in searching for food by digging through the snow and using the grass that is cut and stored first. They are solitary animals naturally, and only meet for mating and then parting, but like all rodents, they have high reproductive rates and can multiply quickly when food is plentiful.


Lemur - animals beginning with letter L
Lemurs are the primates that exist only on the island of Madagascar in Africa and some small neighboring islands. Due to its geographic isolation, Madagascar is home to many amazing animals that have not been found anywhere else on Earth. The lemurs may have been rafting there for thousands of years in the "raft" of vegetation and evolved in isolation from countless centuries. The lemurs use their hands and feet to move the nimbly through the trees, but they cannot grip their tails like some of their primate cousins do. They are looking for food for the fruit, which is the bulk of their food, but also eating leaves, flowers, bark, and sap.

The lemur has bright round eyes and soft fur that vary in color, depending on the species. The most common limestone colors are white, gray, black, brown, red and brown. In some species, males and females have different staining. Types of diurnal lemurs are social and live in family groups or community. It follows the idea of safety in numbers, using alarms when predators appear to inform other group members. The types of night lemurs or nocturnal do not stay in large groups but have night caps to help protect them. Some types of lemurs are active day and night.


Leopard - Animals That Start With L
Leopard is a large graceful and strong cat from the same relatives as black tigers, and jaguar. They live in sub-Saharan Africa until Central Asia, India and China. However, many of its population are at risk, particularly outside Africa. Most leopards are brightly colored with a distinctive black spot called roses, because they resemble the shape of roses. The black leopard, whose color is almost solid because their spots are hard to distinguish, is usually called Black Panther.

The leopard is very strong and comfortable in the tree often transported to its boughs. They can also chase out the trees, where the mantle is seen allowing them to mingle with the leaves until they grow with catches. This night predator also connects antelopes, deer and pigs with a silent movement in tall grass. Leopards are strong swimmers and very many stay in the water, where they sometimes eat fish or crabs.


Lion - animals name starting with letter L
Lions are a family-animal and are truly social in their community. They chase prey, raising children, and defending their land together. The lion has a strong and compact body, powerful strong legs, teeth, and jaws to drag and kill prey. Their coat is golden yellow. The males grow larger than females, up to 3 meters. The females reach 2.7 meters. Male lion has a weight of 150 to 250 kg. The female weighs 160 to 180 kg. Lions now live in Africa only, from the southern suburbs of the Sahara to North Africa.

They are absent from the tropical zone dominated by humid tropical forests. The lions live a variety of habitats, ranging from open plains to thick brush and dry barbed forest, avoiding only wet tropical forests. They eats mainly large animals, such as zebra and wildebeest. In times of palaces, they also capture and feed small animals from mice to reptiles. The zoo lion can live until late teens or early 20s. In the wild, females can live up to 16 years, but males rarely live above the age of 12.


Lizard - animals beginning with L
The ninth of the list animals that start with L is Lizard. The Lizard has an incredible range of colors, looks, and sizes and consists of 40 different families. Because of its smooth and shiny appearance, some lizards can look slim or slippery. All the lizards are able to swim; some are very comfortable in the aquatic environment. Many lizards are also good climber and fast runners.

Some lizards change color in response to the surrounding environment or in times of stress. Many lizards are able to renew the lost tail. To confuse the predators, they will deliberately fall some tail as they reach. As the tail still fluctuates and fails as if life, the lizard gets a chance to escape. Lizards eat anything such fruits, insects, small mammals, birds, and amphibians. While in the case of large predatory, lizards prey as large as deer and other large animals.


Lynx - Animals That Start With L
The last of the list animals that start with L is Lynx. The Lynxes are a solitary cat. They like haunting in northern remote forests. They can be found easily in North America, Europe and Asia. Lynx is covered with beautiful thick fur that keeps it warm during cold winter. Their big legs are also felt and touch the ground with the movement of the legs spread so that they act as a natural snow boots. All lynxes are skilled hunters that use large hearing aids and their sight is so strong that lynx rats can see 250 feet away.

Finally, we have finished learning the animals starting with L. After reading this article, you must be familiar with the characteristics of each described above. Never get bored in learning the animals. for the next letter, we have been discussing of 10 beautiful dan special animals that start with M, which of course with pictures and facts

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