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List of Special Animals That Start With N With Pictures dan Facts

Animals That Start With N - Hi animal lovers! Before we go to the main topic, we want to ask a question about what comes to your mind when you hear the term ‘animal’? They are cute and adorable creatures? or are they included creatures that should be protected? We choose both; they are cute creatures and must be protected from being extinct. Well, talking about the animals, in the previous article we have discussed the animals that start with M, roughly how many lists of animals do you know? Are there twenty, thirty, or even fifty animals? Actually the number of animals that are around us is very much, even reaching hundreds of species. Therefore, learning about animals is like never meeting the end point. Now, let’s learn about the animals with letter N.

10 List of Animals That Start With The Letter N


Animals That Start With N - Nautilus
Nautilus itself is a pelagic sea mollusk of the cephalopod family Nautilidae. Nautilus has a shape similar to the common form for squid, with its protruding head and tentacles, long, soft, and flexible. Nautilus usually has more tentacles than other cephalopods. The number can reach up to ninety tentacles. The mouth is like a parrot's beak consisting of two jaws, each of which is capable of tearing off its animal food, most of which are crustaceans, fish and some other creatures.

Unlike most cephalopods, nautilus has no ink pouch and depends only on its shell for protection from its predators. Nautilus is not a rare animal, but because of its deep-sea habitat, nautilus is rarely seen by divers. And because of that, nautilus is called a rare and protected animal.


Narwhal - Animals Beginning with N
Narwhal is a marine unicorn, a pale porpoise found in polar waters and rivers. This legendary animal has two teeth. Male’s teeth grow more pronounced swat splints, mounting up to 8.8 feet. Ivory teeth grow properly through Narwhal. Like some other dolphins, they live and move in groups and eat fish, shrimp, squid and other seafood. They are often seen swimming in groups of 15 to 20, but they have been reported to be in hundreds and even several thousand of the spotted. At the time, these groups of narwhal encircle snow ice and become victims of fishers, polar bears or other predators.


Needlefish - animals name with N
The third of animals that start with N is Needle Fish. The needle fishes are a tiny fish, and its length ranges from 3 to 95 cm.  They have one dorsal fin, placed deep into the body, and almost off the anal fin. Their most distinctive features is a long and narrow beak, which has many sharp teeth. All the needlefishes eat mainly on small fish, which are caught with their head sweep up. In addition, some species also eat krill and crustaceans.  Needlefish are most commonly found in subtropical areas, but some also inhabit temperate waters, especially during winter.

Neon Tetra

Neon Tetra - Animals That Start With N
Neon Tetra is often described as a jewel by aquarium lovers. These fish are one of the most popular tropical freshwater fish. Neon tetra springs from the pure water streams in South America and is favored by systems incorporated with many low-light areas. The Neon Tetra has a blue light back on its silvery white belly. The fish are characterized by a blue horizontal line along each side of the fish from the nose to the base of the fatty fin, and the colored red line that begins in the center of the body and extends towards the back of the caudal fin.

Neon Tetras are carnivores and will receive most of the peeled foods, if they are small enough, but also some small sea animal such as brine shrimp, codeine, frozen dried blood worms, and other microbial foods to be their additional supplement.


Newt- Animals Beginning with letter N
Newt is a salamander in the Pleurodelinae subspecies, also called eft during the terrestrial adolescent phase. Unlike other family members Salamander, the newt can even stay in water full-time. Newts are found in North America, Europe, North Africa and Asia.

Young newts spend part of the year in the water for breeding and the rest years on earth. Their new skin, however, is not as smooth as other salamander. Aquatic larvae have correct teeth in both the upper and lower jaws, and the outer gills. They have the ability to renew limbs, eyes, spinal cord, liver, and intestines, upper and lower jaws. Newt is threatened with habitat loss, fragmentation and pollution. Some species are threatened with extinction, and at least one species has recently been extinct.


Nighthawk - animals start with N
The sixth of animals that start with N is a Nighthawk. Nighthawk is a night bird of the Chordeilinae family, within the family of Nightjar of the Western Hemisphere. Nighthawks are medium-sized birds with long wings, short legs, and very short bills. The nest is usually on the ground. They eat flying insects. Nighthawks have small legs, little use for walking, and long wings. Its soft fur resembles a mysterious bark or sheet. Some species perch face the branch, not on the other side as the usual birds. It helps to hide it during the day. They are mostly active at night and in the morning or at night and eat mites and other large flying insects. The beak is very wide open and has a slightly higher addictive end.


Nightjar + - Animals That Start With N
Nightjars are night birds and can be seen selling food at dusk and dawn, with a pointed wing and a long tail similar to a kestrel or cuckoo. Their vague bodies, gray, mottled, layered and sunbathing provide the perfect camouflage during the day. They have an almost miraculous reputation with their silent journey and legendary ability to steal milk from goats.

They can be found in wetlands, open meadows, open plains, and newly cut conifers. Nightjars have a global distribution, found in all other continents except Antarctica. They are also absent from the very arid deserts, such as the Sahara Desert, the Central Asian Desert, and the Arctic. Tthey are found as well as in many island groups such as Madagascar, Seychelles, New Caledonia and the Caribbean Islands.


Nilgai - Animals starting with N
Nilgai or Blue Bull is the largest antelope in Asia and endemic to the Indian subcontinent. Nilgai marked with a sloping back, deep neck with white spots in the throat, short hair peak along the neck that ends with a crest, and white spots. Nilgai is a daytime which especially active during the day.

As nilgai herbivores, grass and plants are preferred, although they usually eat wood plants in dry tropical forests in India. Nilgai prefers areas with short shrubs and trees scattered in shrubs and grasslands. They are usually found in farmland, but hardly found in dense forests.


Numbat - animals that start with the letter N
The ninth of animals that start with N is Numbats. The Numbat are a rare indigenous rodent animal to parts of Australia. They have a long sticky tongue that enables them to take termites, which they eat exclusively. Numbats are at risk of habitat loss and enter predators such as foxes and wild cats.

The numbats are a small slender mammal, with a small tapered head and small erect ears, four short legs with long claws and a long thick tail (resembling a bottle brush). They are grayish brown to reddish with black and white stripes on the back and buttocks, bottom beige and long back lines in their eyes. The numbats have a long, slender sticky tongue (about 10-11 cm long) that is used to enter a narrow cavity in the log, rubbish paper and in a small hole in the ground to collect termites. Numbats also have long tapered nose which is useful for entering small holes in the ground and termite records.

Numbats live in the forest where old trees and fallen trees provide perforated logs, nesting places and fodder. They are looking for food in an open area near the cover of a shovel. Although numbat is found in southern Australia, it is now confined to remote pockets of southwest Western Australia.


Nutria - Animals That Start With N
And the last sequence from the list of animals that start with N is Nutria. The nutrias is a fast-legged rat that is smarter than on the ground. They live in burrows, or nests, and they never get away from water. Nutrias mostly like to stay near the rivers or lakes, or live in the middle of wetlands. They are also strong swimmers and can remain immersed for five minutes in the water.

The nutria is a member of the Myocastoridae family whose short legs and sturdy curved bodies that are about 24 inches (61 cm) in length. Males are slightly larger than females; average weight for each is about 12 kg or 5.4 kg. Both male and female can grow to 20 pounds and 18 pounds. Nutria is almost completely herbivorous and feeds on the animal material of most insects by accident, because they feed on plants. Freshwater crustaceans are sometimes eaten in some parts of the range. Nutria is opportunistic nutrition and prefers some snacks to one large meal.

The yellowish or brownish hair of nutria look tangle and unattractive, but its presence is widely used as a clothing material. The nutria is very much in a hurry and in the care of the fur is taken then used as clothing. Nutria lives in South America only, but it was domed as feathers and moved around the world.

Well, it is the end of learning animals that start with N. Hopefully we can have another opportunity again to learn the other animals. one of them i.e. Animals that start with O You can know on that link See you next time.

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