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Beautiful and Unique Animals That Start With O

Animals that start with O - There will never be boredom learning about animals. They are very funny and has a unique body shape and beautiful. But, do you know that in this world there are many funny animals that are widespread in the hemisphere? Even some of them are almost extinct. In the previous article we have been discussing animals that start with i, along with pictures and facts. Therefore, on this occasion we will get more knowledge insight by learning about the name of the animals with letter O.

10 Animals With Letter O + Pictures and Facts


Animals that start with O - Octopus
Octopus is a group of cephalopods that is known to have high intelligence. There are about 300 species of octopus (Octopoda) which is divided into two groups, namely Cirrina and Incirrina. Most species of octopus can release thick black ink that confuses predators and gives octopus a chance to escape. One of the pigments in octopus ink is melanin. In addition, the octopus is also able to manipulate the body to enter a narrow gap because it has no internal or external bones or shells.


Ocelot - animals starting with O
The second of animals that start with O is Ocelot. Having twice the average size of a house cat, ocelot is a slim animal with pretty dappled fur. These mostly nocturnal cats use sharp eyesight and hear to hunt rabbits, rats, iguanas, fish, and frogs. They also climb the trees and stalk of monkeys or birds. Ocelots do not avoid water and can swim well. Ocelot is a type of meat-eater or omnivore. Many ocelots live under the lush canopy of the South American rainforest, but they also can be found as far north as Texas

These cats can adapt to human habitats and are sometimes found around villages or other settlements. Ocelot is an endangered animal because they are many hunted by humans to take their beautiful and unique feathers. The body size of ocelot ranges from 70 - 90 cm with weight 11 - 16 kilograms.

Another fact about octopus is that these marine animals also have three hearts in which two hearts are used to pump blood into each lung, while one other heart is used to pump blood throughout the body. The life span of the octopus is so short that it only revolves around 6 months to five years.


Oryx - Animals that start with O
Oryx is a unique fauna with two elongated horns on the front of his face. Oryx is an African endemic animal, while others are scattered in the Arabian Peninsula. Now a small population spread in Texas, New Mexico and the United States (US). The number of Oryx population now is only about 600 in the captivity, while in the wild is more difficult to find. For those who have never seen Oryx will think this animal is a goat.

Oryx does have uniqueness with his goat-like body, a cow-like face, with very long horns straight above his head. Its horns are very hard and long and can kill lions when in resistance to self defense. His legs were dappled black and white like a zebra's legs with a brownish-white body with a black stripe on his face. Oryx can survive without water for a long time so they can live in the desert area.


Otter - animals starting with letter O
The fifth of animals that start with O is Otter. Otter is a type of aquatic animals that have dense hair consisting of two layers that is the outer hair which is long and hard, while the inner hair is smooth and soft. Their feather is also bushy that serves to adapt from his enemy. Otter are included in carnivorous mammals that eat fish, shellfish and amphibians as food. The way how they eat is quite unique that is by floating way with the position of the back facing down, put food on the chest, and hit the shell of food with stone.

Otter has a webbed feet used for swimming and a long tail that has a function as a balance of its body while swimming in the water. Otter are a lively animal. The sea otters have a civet-like body shape with marmot-like heads, brown body feathers, slender bodies, small ears, and oval-shaped heads. They also have a fin-like foot to make it easier for them to swim. Sea otters have a habit of floating on the surface of seawater.


Okapi - animals beginning with O
Okapi is one of the unique and beautiful animals scattered in the African region. This animal is unique because it has a horse's head, zebra legs, and tongue giraffe. Okapi is a type of mammal that is part of the order Artiodactyla. This animal has a relationship with the giraffe because it belongs to the family Giraffidae, so no wonder that many people call this animal as a forest giraffe.

Their head is very similar to a horse with feathers like velvet purplish and dark brown functioning as a camouflage to survive in the wild. The front and rear body lines make these animals very similar to giraffes. Their body can reach 2 meters with a length of about 2.5 meters. The natural habitat of the okapi is the area of dense and humid rainforest found in the highlands and is commonly found in the Congo and Sudan. Okapi belong to herbivorous that feed on grasses, leaves, buds, mushrooms, and fruits. Even in a day an adult okapi can spend about 18 to 30 kilograms of food a day.


Olingo - animals name with letter O
Olingo is a member of the Procyonidae family, which also includes a raccoon. It is a sleek arboreal animal that has a back leg longer than the front, and also has a long tail that is bushy. His face was short and round, with rather large eyes and short ears. Most of the body was covered with thick brown fur or gray, and the fur of the back of their body was slightly darker. The underside is light cream to yellowish. It has the soles of hairy feet, and the toes are slightly flat, as well as the curved short paws.

Females have a pair of single teats at the back of the abdomen, close to the hind legs. This animal habitat is mostly found from Nicaragua through Costa Rica and western Panama. Olingo is a nocturnal herbivore that consumes almost all of the fruits. During the day, they sleep in a nest on a large tree.


Opossum - animals starting names with  O
The seventh of animals that start with O is Opossum. Opposum is an excellent tree climber and it is the type of animal which spends much of his time in the tree. They have sharp claws that can be used to claw and cling to tree branches. There are over 60 different species of opossum which is often called possums. The most common is Virginia opossum in the United States and Canada. Opossum is almost similar to a kangaroo with a pocket on the front of his body to place their baby. They are a type of omnivorous animal that likes to hunt mice, insects, worms, and even chickens. They also eat nuts and fruits. The body length is 76 centimeters and weight about 4-6 kilograms.


Ostrich - Animals that start with O
Ostriches are the kind that most like water, but can survive long enough without touching the water. This bird is called the ostrich because its long neck resembles a camel. It has a small head, while its body is very large, and is the largest bird still alive today. Ostrich is the biggest bird with a body height of 2.5 meters and weighs up to 140 kg. The length of his neck can even reach 1 meter that serves to facilitate the ostriches to see where the enemy position, so they can dodge quickly.

The head and neck are hairless, but the body has a very heavy feather. The male has black hair, while the female ostrich has a grayish-brown fur. This bird is the fastest running bird ever born in the world with 70 km / hour or in a single step it is able to reach 5 meters. Despite having a fairly heavy body hair, the ostrich is unable to fly. Ostriches come from savannas and parts of North African and southern African equatorial zones and are also widespread in Europe and East Asia, and now are commonly found in many farms or zoos.


Owl - Animals that start with O
Owls are a group of birds that are members of the order of Strigiformes and belong to a night or nocturnal birds and carnivores. Owls are known for their large, forward-faced eyes that are unlike most other bird species whose eyes are sideways. For some people it looks creepy. They have a strong and sharp beak and a very flexible neck so that his face can rotate 180 degrees back. The feathers are dotted, brownish or gray with black and white patches. The tail of the owl is short, but its wings are large and wide which reach about three times the length of its body. Owls hunt various animals such as insects, frogs, rats, and others. They inhabit the nest which is primarily made in tree holes, or between the midrib of palm leaf.


Oyster - animals beginning with letter O
The last of animals that start with O is Oysters. Oyster are a group of shellfish with calcareous shells and relatively flat. The real oysters are all the bivalves that belong to the Ostreidae family. Specific types of oyster are able to move places by doing the movement of open and close the shell quickly. Oyster forages by filtering plankton or other microscopic organisms. The body of the oyster consists of a mantle attached to the shell with a series of muscles that serves to secrete glycol-proteins.  Oyster is one of the most favored marine animals by humans to consume.

Those are the list of 10 animals that start with O. It turns out that there are many species of animals that are endangered in this world. Therefore, we are as human beings who are equipped with knowledge should be aware of the importance of safeguarding their ecosystem and participate in preserving their existence by not hunting them.

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